16 February, 2012

Here is to the voter that sees, but cannot see, to the voter that can hear, but cannot hear, to the voters that say they care, but don’t care.

Here are two excellent examples of the mentality of most voters. I wrote two well-researched Blogs, one on Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Defense, Titled:
Lives and Money Will Be Saved When Hillary Clinton Leaves Office..


Here is a Para-phrase of a comment on the Article: "Don't Blame Hilary, blame Bush and Obama. Tells me they do not know much of Hilary Clinton's political background, and/or they do not know that the Secretary of State helps form foreign policy.

The other comment I got was very typical by a Jewish person, again Para-phrasing,"Next you will tell us you have some Jewish friends." The article: Iran Will not Fire Nuclear Weapons At Israel


The funny things is, a close friend, and roommate, of mine in San Francisco, was named Al Hirsh, 100% Jewish. The person was totally bias for Jewish people like Edward Koch, that call American's that want to stop supporting Israeli after Sixty-years, accuse us of being guilty of Antisemitism. Forget about all the homeless families and hungry children on are streets, let's take care of the poor Jewish people in Israeli. Read the article and the extremely long list of Jewish billionaires in the world.

First let me share with you, those I believe to be responsible for America's major problems. The

1. The majority of the Voters, vote down party lines. They do not research the candidates, and cannot tell the BS they are told in debates, and in videos. The politicians they put in office are always "upper
class." So the person they vote in office, is like the bullet that can kill; however the voters pulled the Trigger.

2. The Two Party system that never accepts responsibility. They Blame each other.

3. The politicians that do not make commonsense decision
Best for America, especially for the "middle class," that is becoming the "lower class."

4. The "middle class" 72 percent of the population allows the wealthy, and "upper class," and the Media to control them and manipulate them. They only allow the wealthy, politicians and famous people. No "Middle Class" candidates, not wealthy, unfunded by special interest groups, allowed to be seen on TV. So look in the Murrow and see the victim that allows it to happen. And the "Middle Class will complain just like they have been for the Last Forty Years. America will decline like the Roman Empire, however, the "Middle Class." we are in self-denial because of their false pride; and chant "We live in the greatest country in the world," a true statement Fifty years ago.

Hillary Rodham Clinton as Secretary of State does not just follow orders; she helps form foreign relations and our involvement with other Nations. Ask any voter what they know about the person they are voting for, besides the rhetorical BS. They hear written by spin-masters, directed by focus groups, and well-funded by special interest groups.

I watched everything on Hillary for 40 years. Almost voted for Hillary. I found she did nothing as the first lady to stop the Rwanda Massacre. I guess you missed her wanting to solve all foreign counties before America. You missed her angry demand for more bombs on Libya.

You see, I read and follow world news in all forms, six hours a day, and research another four hours a day since 2008.

How much-time do you think the average voter reads, and research on political candidates? How much does the "Middle class" try to help one of their own, "middle class" presidential candidates, receive free media coverage they give to the wealthy politicians, The "Middle Class "will raise a storm to stop Bank of America from charge a $5.00 ATM charge, or Verizon charging a $2.00 service charge. However, they do nothing to help a "Middle Class Candidate receive media coverage that could possible put the first "middle class" president in office that would make commonsense decision for America, the "middle class-working class," and the poor.

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