13 February, 2012

Iran Will Not Fire Nuclear Weapons At Israel

Iran will not fire nuclear weapons at Israel unless provoked. Previous and present, US presidents have been provoking Iran to start a war. The United States:
Created the first to create a nuclear weapon, and the first, and only nation to use it against over a million Japanese civilians, not soldiers. They said they did it to save lives. So I guess we replaced the Crusaders, only we are more powerful.

We have been supporting Israel, mostly because of the those of Jewish persuasion with power, influence, and money that can make or break a politician's career.

We have paid trillions of dollars to Israel since 1949 to present day, $3 Billion last budget and that has been the average a year for the last 10 years. We help them because:
They are among the most powerful shakers and movers in the USA.
They are Americas hired hit men in the Middle East.
Our Government wants Iran to react, or for Israel to initiate a preempted Strike. When this happens, I promise you there will be repercussion will. Be devastating to America and Israelis Civilians, it will far greater than 911. So, get ready to duck and take cover under a wooden desk, and or duct tape you and your loved ones inside your bathroom. Oh, and make warning code red.

Jewish people are said to be big on charities, so now is the time for all the Jewish billionaires in the US, and the World to give to Israel, What people do not tell you that the majority of the Charities they give is to the Jewish people and community, it is the teaching of their faith, to give to their own people first and foremost. So let the American people spend the billions we give to Israel  on us Gentiles in America.

Americans Rescued the Jewish people from the German Death Camps,

Americans Rescued the Jewish people from the German Death Camps,

and we have been giving them money since 1949. Why must the American people suffer, to help the Jewish people that choose to be next to the Egyptians and Palestinians?
So do not even try accusing me of being anti-Semitic. I was abandoned by my parents, and raised in many foster homes and orphanages, and all races, societies rejects were my roommates or in the bunks around me. I was never taught to hate other cultures or ethnic groups. I had never been in an orphanage with a Jewish boy because the Jewish people take care of their own; something us Americans should learn to do. I did learn to hate the SYSTEM, THAT IS CORRUPT AND UNFAIR AND DO NOT CARE. In facts, those that were assigned to protect us children sexually 
abused us children. From 1945-1957, I did not know of one adult working with us children and teenagers that sexually abused us to go to court or jail. I have forgiven my abusers, but not those in Government that abuse society in so many ways for power and self-gain.
Here is information on the billionaires of the World.
Michael Epstein | Aug 25, 2008

Jewish Americans are the most powerful and influential ethnic group in America. Jewish Americans make up two percent of the U.S. population yet comprise 40 percent of U.S. billionaires.
18% of Jewish households have a net worth of $1 million or more. More than 55% of all Jewish Adults received a college degree and 25% earned a graduate degree.
More than 60% of all employed Jews are in one of the three highest status job categories: professional or technical (41%), management and executive (13%) and business and finance (7%).
Over 45% of large gifts made to charity are made by Jewish Americans. Over 50% of Jewish Americans live in just four states: New York, New Jersey, Florida, and California.

Jewish Billionaires
Lawrence Ellison
Net-Worth: $25.0 billion
Sheldon Adelson
Net-Worth: $20.5 billion
Sergey Brin
Net-Worth: $18.7 billion
Larry Page
Net-Worth: $18.6 billion
Michael Dell
Net-Worth $17.2 billion
Steve Ballmer
Net-Worth $15.2 billion
Carl Icahn
Net-Worth $14.5 billion
Michael Bloomberg
Net-Worth: $11.5 billion
George Soros
Net-Worth: $9.0 billion
Samuel Newhouse
Net-Worth $8.5 billion
Source: Forbes Magazine
Jewish Media Executives
Rupert Murdoch
CEO of News Corporation
Robert A. Iger
CEO of the Walt Disney Company
Philippe P. Dauman
CEO of Viacom
Jeff Zucker
CEO of NBC Universal
David Westin
President of ABC News
Donald Graham
CEO, of the Washington Post
Mortimer Zuckerman
Editor-In-Chief of U.S.News & World Report
Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr
Publisher of The New York Times
Mel Karmazin
CEO of SIRIUS Satellite Radio
Joanne Lipman
Editor-In-chief of Condé Nast Portfolio
Jann Wenner
Publisher of Rolling Stone Magazine
Source: Wikipedia
Jewish Investment Bankers
Richard S. Fuld, Jr.
CEO of Lehman Brothers
Lloyd C. Blankfein
CEO of Goldman Sachs
Charles R. Schwab
Founder of the Charles Schwab Corporation
Prof. Stanley Fischer
Governor of the Bank of Israel
Bob Zoellick
President of the World Bank
Ben Bernanke
Chairman of the Federal Reserve
Alan D. Schwartz
CEO of Bear Stearns
Bruce Wasserstein
CEO of Lazard LLC
Dr. Josef Ackermann
CEO of Deutsche Bank
Jean Claude Trichet
President of the European Central Bank
James Dimon
CEO of JPMorgan Chase
Blake Grossman
CEO of Barclays Global Investors
Source: Wikipedia
The 2011 Forbes list of billionaires dropped. Same top three as last year: Carlos Slim HelĂș, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett. Same top-ranked Jew—Oracle magnate Larry Ellison, who moved up one spot, to fifth, and shot from net-worth of $28 billion to $39.5 billion (a recovering economy will do that, I guess). If anything, though, it's a list that, while it has a disproportionate number of Jews to be sure, is so thoroughly dominated by Gentiles that one can dream of a day when stereotypes about Jews and money lose whatever resonance they may have left. Still, because a million dollars isn't cool but $13.5 billion is, it remains fun (I hope!) to look at all the Jews in the top 50, as well as a few other notables:
• Larry Ellison (5th, $39.5 billion).
• Sheldon Adelson (16th, $23.3 billion).
• Sergey Brin and Larry Page (24th, $19.8 billion).
• Michael Bloomberg (30th, $18.1 billion).
• Alisher Usmanov (35th, $17.7 billion) (not Jewish, but Muslim and married to a Jew).
• Rinat Akhmetov (39th, $16 billion).
• John Paulson (39th, $16 billion).
• Mikhail Fridman (43rd, $15.1 billion).
• Michael Dell (44th, $14.6 billion).
• Susanne Klatten (44th, $14.6 billion) (not Jewish, but was caught up in crazy Nazi-sex-blackmail scandal with a Jewish guy).
• Steven Ballmer (46th, $14.5 billion)
• George Soros (46th, $14.5 billion).
• Mark Zuckerberg (52nd, $13.5 billion).
• Steve Cohen (114th, $8 billion).
• Ralph Lauren (173rd, $5.8 billion).


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