05 February, 2012

Lives and Money Will Be Saved When Hillary Clinton Leaves Office.

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Clinton Rallies 'Friends of Democratic Syria'

Darth Hillary
 Hillary, check your passport, it should say American. However, you fight harder for the Muslims than, you do for Americans. Being an American means, America First, not last. "Main Street" Americam has been neglected for the last forties years. Let Muslims help Muslim, Asians Help Asian, and Europe helping Europe. Hillary, you and other politicians, are responsible for so many deaths of Americans and civilians, on foreign soil.
America is a mess in so many ways, including failing in morals, values and education, with so many homeless families.
The United States has been around a little over 300 years, and you, and the politicians want to run the world, you cannot even run America. Come home, shut up, and go to work, here for Americans. You, and other politicians, has spilled so much blood on earth, and spent billions of dollars of Muslim Nations, that should have been spent helping homeless families with children that go hungry.

You said the sky was falling with WNP in Iraq, now you are creating a scare with Iran. We made the nuclear race possible. We have killed more civilians on earth with nuclear weapons.
Keep it simple. Like in WW 1, and WW II, when a real threat shows, then go to war. Not trying to change political ideology of other nations that have been around for thousands of years.
We interfered with Vietnam, and lost the war and 50,000 Americans. We have lost Iraq because hundreds still are blown to piece's several times a week, and they will go back to the old customs. You, and your buddies, say we liberated Iraq.
 Please stop liberating other countries; you are the wrath of hell trying to change Muslim countries. If hundreds were killed on Times Square in New York City, would you say New York is free and liberated? Iraq lost several thousand civilians, woman and children, in the name of liberation. One million Iraqs have been displaced; most of Iraq is still a shambles! There are thousands of civilians, living without arms, and legs, and eye sight. As to Afghanistan, the Taliban will win, and thousands of civilians and Americans will die for nothing,
I was amussed when Mitt Romney, was asked: what he would do if the Taliban rose up again? He said: "We would take care of them. I pictured Alexander the Great, rising up in his grave, heading his forehead and saying, "Now, why didn't I think of that.

Stop giving trillions of dollars to Muslim Nations that use us, laugh at us, and call us infidels. I am very happy you are leaving office and pray you do not get back into foreign politics again. Your best work was for children and healthcare.

Hillary's Liberation Snap Shots
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  1. Most of what you say is BULLSHIT. Some of the photos you posted as well. I see absolutely no mention of the great supreme leader George W. Bush, who put us in Iraq and Afghanistan, completely bungled the job, got thousands of our American soldiers murdered and mutilated for life, which created ISIS, a stronger Iran, and a more volatile Middle East.

    You are ignorant, despite all your education.

  2. Forgot to mention that a lot of things you're blaming Hillary for - Iraq, Afghanistan, 9/11, immigration, 2008 recession, WWII, etc. - all happened BEFORE SHE WAS IN OFFICE.