03 September, 2011

GOP Kills Chance To Win the White House.

"1W.H. furious over speech delay."
By: Roger Simon.
Simon says: White House says GOP will do anything “to muck us up.” More: 1"http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0911/62505.html."

              Seven Dumb Things GOP Did

1.Who is more Important, GOP, Obama must think he is the Presdient. Cancelling to the next day that is the time of NFL big game between the Saints and the Raiders. That was a coincidence. Beside those in congress, that did not tape the game can view it during the president's speech on their IPhones or IPads.

2. Rafelling a Glock hand gun, the same models as the one that shot US senator Gabrielle Giffords Arizona, Loaded and with 3 extra clips. I am glad that US senator Gabrielle Giffords, did not get an arm sliced off with a machete. GOP May have offered a machete with blood on it and an arm cut off a female cadaver for a fund raiser.

3. Perrys 185 page Book that says everything a Presidential Candidate does not want to say publicly. He said if he knew he was running for president he would not have said those things. Ok, the Jury will ignore what Perry wrote in the book when they go to the polls.

4. Every American that has common sense? (Not sure putting in Bush 2 Terms with Cheney), That GOP Slow played the Budget Deficit Debate to make Obama look bad for up coming elections and at the risk of having Americas Credit Rating drop and causing adverse reaction around the World in Financing and Investing.

5. GOP Pro-War.

2"Democrats Split as House Backs War Funds."
Published: July 27, 2010.
"The House of Representatives agree to provide $37 billion to continue financing America’s two wars, but the vote showed deepening divisions and anxiety among Democrats over the course of the nearly nine-year-old conflict in Afghanistan. The 308-to-114 vote, with strong Republican support, came after the leak of an archive of classified battlefield reports from Afghanistan that fueled new debate over the course of the war and whether President Obama’s counterinsurgency strategy could work."

6. Pro Wealty, and has done nothing for "Midlde-Class" since 1932.
3"It was pro-business, supporting banks, the gold standard, railroads, and high tariffs to protect heavy industry and the industrial workers. Under William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt, it emphasized an expansive foreign policy. The GOP ("Grand Old Party"), as it is often called, became a minority after failing to reverse the Great Depression in 1932. The New Deal Coalition led by Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt came to power. When that coalition collapsed in the middle 1960s, Republicans came back, winning seven of the 10 presidential elections 1968 to 2004. The GOP relied increasingly on its new base in the white South after 1968, especially because of its new strength among evangelical Protestants. The key leader in the late 20th century was Ronald Reagan, whose conservative pro-business policies for less government regulation, lower taxes, and an aggressive foreign policy still dominate the party."

7. Have people like Mitt Romney saying, "We live in the greatist Country, in the World."it's always said on the election campaign from wealthy politician like Mitt Romney that own homes like,his below.

Then Sara Palin was quoted as saying, "Remember us "little people." Who could she be talking about, is the society of midgets and dwarfs that is a term they prefer to be called. It certainly is not us "middle-Class" as can seen by one of her houses Below. In Alaska, she is not from the "middle-class" nor is she a midget or dwarf.

Let us not forget Michele Bachmann.

If, GOP gets in in the Oval Office God help us and all the nations they will interfere with and "middle-Class will become "lower-class."

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