20 October, 2014


                               Trust US Government?

US is Contained in West Africa"


October1, 2014  - Update


August 5, 2014  - Update

I just heard on the News from Washington, DC by the United States governmental spokesperson told American people theirs is no reason for concern regarding Ebola ever reaching the United States because the Ebola virus is contained in West Africa.  Our government also said that the person that had symptoms similar to Ebola was released from john Hopkins Hospital.  Show it seems that everything is hunky Dory.  Wait, I forgot to mention that a woman in Ohio is being tested for Ebola today, But, no reason for concern . . . YET! Only 1600 Ebola victims and 900 Deaths, however we know how the Americans are concerned for black people?  There are a few self-explanatory pictures showing white Americans concerned for Africans:

Ebola outbreak: the deadliest in history
Updated at August 5, 2014, 10:58 a.m. ET
Wow, the last of the big spenders.  You think home World Bank can afford it?  You think you’re doing it for humanitarian reasons, Wrong dummy, as the economy.
“World Bank Pledges Up to $200 Million to Fight Ebola Virus
Funding to Pay for Medical Supplies, Salaries to Control Outbreak in West Africa”
Dr. Chan said funding is vital to help authorities’ slow transmission and prevent spread of the disease to other areas.
"The demands created by this unprecedented outbreak outstrip the capacity of affected countries in West Africa to respond," she said.
The disease is also taking an economic toll: The bank said it is planning to cut Guinea's growth prospects by a full percentage point to 3.5% as trade has slowed and neighboring countries are canceling flights

August 4, 2014
Don’t you think it’s wonderful, how our government is always looking out for its Americans?  And that we can trust our government always tells the truth to its people; as well as having the major Jewish owned media that is bias free, with no slanted journalism; and American TV primary interest is to help the American people better their life with beneficial quality programs to enhance our family values.  And thank god that these powerful media sources do not align themselves with politics, money, and power.  We are blessed that we have a 1% of our society that maintains a check and balance for the common people. (Sorry had to take a break to wiped the tears to my eyes)
And I think it’s so exciting that they feel there’s no threat of Ebola spreading in America.  They have not tried to stop any Americans flying to and from the most infected areas of Africa.  So there can be a danger, right?  Isn't freedom wonderful?
Our government our government have no concerns for American citizens be a net rest when the death toll had reached 700, making it more than three times greater in recorded history since 1976.  However, as of today, August 4, 2014 the death toll has increased by another 187 making the total death toll reach over 887 deaths; but remember that was earlier reports.
I have read and watched American Media and International Media very closely.  If you want to feel better, just read the American.  When I explained that American government as usual is not being completely honest with people to my pastor, a good Christian and friend, seems a little upset when I said that our government should not allow any Americans to fly into the Ebola Zones, he explained that he did not want his freedom or any Americans freedom taken away by not letting them fly where they want to.  I told him that freedom of choice was great for the individual that chose to fly to the most dangerous areas where the Ebola has been increasing an alarming rate and killing many more people courting two international scientists in the areas; but what about the individual that flies back with no symptoms to the shores of beautiful America and walks among our citizens?  As I was writing this the news was testing an American here at home or symptoms of having Ebola.
Don’t worry, because the American Media has been comparing the early stages of Ebola to that of having a bad cold or flu.
And some more good News from America, is that the serum that they have been testing on animals for years to combat Ebola, but never tested on humans or approved; was injected into Dr. Kent Brantly who was apparently was at death’s door according to doctors.and Dr. Brantly himself made a miraculous recovery given many hope.  However as a person with excellent grades in various science disciplines I find it extremely unscientific and unprofessional to give people a false hope based on results of only a few hours.  It takes months and even years to follow the effect of an experimental drug on humans before a released to the public. 

I would say too my readers of my article in America, to make a decision as to trust the American Media that tells us everything is OK, or the international community media were scientists tell us they are unable to contain it; and it is increasing very rapid rate.  Or, let’s do what Dorothy did in the 1939 movie: “The Wizard of Oz” where the Good Witch instructs her on how to return home from Oz to Kansas:

Then close your eyes and tap your heels together three times. And think to yourself, 'There's no place like home'.  And everything will be OK.

And just to show us Americans that there are no concerns regarding Ebola coming to America, I have listed below the American media’s priority of what is newsworthy.  Also was important to know when you read these prioritized news Headings, the media designs the article of to meet the intellectual level of the American voters.  And gestured get bringing major newspapers around the world as it does not offer the variety that the American Media does.  All you read about is a horror stories regarding Ebola, Ebola, Ebola, Borrrrrrrrring!

I just checked the MSN.com News on the Internet and as of 9:17 PM on August 4, 2014 and checked their choice of what was important and newsworthy.  Here are the 12 selections back. Here are the headings: jersey retirement date, Earnhardt’s mind boggling 2014 stat, will tiger play years final major, scrabble players get gifts about 5000 new words, Hollywood’s highest earnings actress is, Jodi Arias to represent herself at trial, no bail for mom accused of killing her, five year old mayor loses re-election, hotel $500 bad-review fine was a joke, university grabs 2014 title of top party school,  Five surprising reasons many of us are broke, many stunned to see famous Teen, Manganiello  says he’s like a unicorn, Kristin teaches orange ’do, Hamas: one condition for honoring cease-fire, your soul mate might ruin your relationship, LOL Pics: stars have awkward moments. Too, then below the Headings is editors’ picks. There are 21 different news items to choose.  Layout is three columns, with seven choices on the left column, seven news choices in the center column, in seven news choices in the third and last column.  Located at the very last on the third column was a heading: Ebola: 887 death tolls. But when I finished typing the 21 stories of the Editorial Choices, it had been replaced by: Costner  discusses new film, and just below Mr. Costner's Vitally important information for the American public; was the heading:   Kim hits marriage miles stone.

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