15 September, 2014

A Nation under God? I think maybe we should check with GOD on that?

American's  should be very scared. Our government has lied to us for decades.
I'm confused, President Bush tell us that  mission was accomplished and Iraq in 2003?
Didn't  President Obama, claim victory in Iraq in 2011? Didn't Bush tell them, Al Qaeda bring it on? Didn't Pres. Obama the world you cut the head of Qaeda and then we will win?
Didn't both presidents Bush and Obama tell America's that they proved that had a major attack from  Al Qaeda terrorist? That also was a Lie. I'll Qaeda never had a major plan for attacking United States of America internally on a Brood scale. His goal was to pull all the our military and money into the Middle East. Mission accomplished. And now Syria, China, Iran, Russia, are rattling there Sabers to put additional pressure on us, yes the Federal Bureau of investigation report that they believe there's over 100 Al Qaeda cells in United States waiting  to go shopping near you.
And here is some real: "that's sky is falling."
United States Government stated that over 6000 immigrants that applied for and received citizenship have disappeared. Also, do you remember the planes that allegedly flew into the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon?
We'll, I got the Met informed us that as many as 12 similar type airplane have been stolen and are missing from Libya? You remember the Libya, another Muslim nation that Hillary Clinton liberated. Not! She also forgot to check your all the Libya governments weapons and supplies. So, The Al Qaeda supporters generously hand them out to Al Qaeda throughout the world. hey, whatever happened to Al Qaeda it's not in the news? That's right, that dumb, Dumb, and blind American voters believe it. Sorry, they have grown in size and it literally in every major nation in Asia and throughout the world. Let's see what they buzz word is in the media is today? The word for the day and for decades to come is "ISIS. You were worried about out Qaeda? Well they were just junior college Level; however, ISIS. We are talking about PhD level. They specialize in advanced terror On a larger scale, and much more violent. They have read and studied and implemented the art of war without any rules of engagement. Women, children, babies are expendable just like in the Old Testament.
Just like America that destroyed hundreds of thousands of Civilians, not military targets,
That include, pregnant women, mothers nursing her baby, infants, teenagers, and the cowardly Americans back at home, just  like the Germans that did not want to believe that government lied to them,  we, could not look at the evil face  of darkest, for we looked at the truth we would see the enemy that was us. Yes it was horrible that they threw Jews and millions of other non-Jews in the furnaces, however Hitler ordered them to be gas first so they did not have to feel the burning; like the  Japanese  civilians had to endure
In  Hiroshima and Nagasaki telling the American people it was just to save millions of American allies which was a false statement, but it sounded reasonable to us Americans like The propaganda feed to us in regards to  why The US has been involved in  37 countries that cause death and devastation to those  nations, with and without permission, covertly and Non covertly. Illegal operation. As to ISIS? You really do not want to know the outcome of their future events. So to our great leaders in Congress wearing their designer cloths and living high on the hog, keeper you false pride, and  money, and stand tall when you say we don't bargain with terrorist, ISIS WILL NEVER RUN OUT OF MONEY LIKE AMERICA, ISIS IS HAPPY WITH KILLING AND BEHEADING THERE HOSTAGES. I love how the puritanical Christian white Americans call the act of be heading is monstrous and  barbaric. So tell me what does that make us American that dropped the nuclear weapons on Hiroshima Nagasaki civilians?

And we call The be headers ISIS MONSTERS & BARBARIC

Very Creative to Design an Atomic Mushroom Cloud Cake in Celebration of the bombing victory of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Love is in the air Here that day, but there was no love in the air for all the civilians, women, children, and babies for those that died in Hiroshima & Nagasaki that dx

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