05 June, 2013

American Christians Sacrifice nothing today for Jesus Christ like in Paul’s time or in Uganda

The Liturgical Calendar: The Church Remembers

Today the church remembers The Martyrs of Uganda, 1886.



Uganda’s Christian   Martyr's     

Martyrs Name                Religion         Manner


Kakumba, Makko        Anglican    Dismembered and Burned


Rugarama, Yusuf         Anglican    Dismembered and Burned


Sserwanga, Nuwa         Anglican    Dismembered and Burned




Yosefun Mukasa             Catholic     Beheaded and Burned

     Mukasa, Musa            Anglican    Speared


 Kaggwa, Anderea         Catholic   Beheaded- Dismembered


Ngondwe, Ponsiano       Catholic    Beheaded- Dismembered


Ssebuggwawo, Denis     Catholic     Beheaded


 Bazzekuketta, Antanansi Cath.      Dismembered


Gonza, Gonzaga            Catholic     Beheaded


Mbwa, Eriya                  Anglican    Castrated


Muddu-aguma               Anglican    Castrated


 Mulumba, Matiya        Catholic     Dismembered


Muwanga, Daudi           Anglican   Castrated



Kayizzi, Kibuuka           Anglican  Castrated


Mawaggali, Nowa           Catholic   Speared,

 Ravaged by wild dogs


Mayanja, Kitoogo           Anglican   Castrated


Muwanga                         Anglican   Castrated


Lwanga, Karoli               Catholic     Burned


Baanabakintu, Lukka     Catholic     Burned


Buuzabalyawo, Yakobo  Catholic     Burned


Gyaviira                           Catholic     Burned


Kibuuka, Ambrosio         Catholic     Burned


Kiriggwajjo, Anatoli        Catholic     Burned


Kiriwawanvu, Mukasa    Catholic     Burned


Kiwanuka, Achileo           Catholic     Burned


Kizito                                 Catholic     Burned


Ludigo, Mukasa Adolofu Catholic     Burned


Mugagga                            Catholic     Burned


Sserunkuuma, Bruno       Catholic     Burned


Tuzinde, Mbaga               Catholic     Burned


Kadoko, Alexanda           Anglican    Burned


Kifamunnyanja                Anglican    Burned



Kiwanuka, Giyaza            Anglican   Burned


Kizza,                                 Anglican   Burned


Frederick                           Anglican   Burned


Kwabafu                            Anglican   Burned 


Lwakisiga, Mukasa           Anglican   Burned


Lwanga                               Anglican   Burned


Mubi-azaalwa                     Anglican   Burned


Munyagabyangu, Robert    Anglican   Burned


Muwanga, Njigija               Anglican   Burned


Nakabandwa, Danieri         Anglican   Burned


Walukagga, Nuwa               Anglican   Burned


Walukagga, Nuwa               Anglican   Burned

As a Christian I keep by Faith through reading:  Daily Prayer A Resource of Forward Movement, Our Daily Bread and Upper Room Daily Reflections — daily words of wisdom and faith; as well as all the Bible scripture's they suggest reading. I meditate to listen for guidance every day. I go to Church not for their denomination, but because they share the Holy Trinity through Jesus Christ Teaching; and to maintain a strong in my faith emerged in the Holy Spirit. I attend Bible Study two times a week to gain knowledge.

I would say that the Holy Spirit always guides me to do Gods will. However, if gives me easy things to do like love others and bring joy to others, and to give the people in our small town beautiful roses when they bloom on a giant hundred Year old Rose bush that produced over five hundred pink-white roses. This is a small cross for me to bear and I'm sure brings me more joy to my heart in giving that maybe those that receive them.

I have such a deep desire to carry a huge cross for Jesus Christ that has help me to survive as a victim the darkest forms of sexual abuse from age five until age seventeen. Then God kept me safe as journeyed through the dark underbelly of the abyss, and gave me unconditional love while I was a chronic-alcoholic until God scraped me off of skid row after twenty two years.

I was bless with a spiritual experience that was so profound and beautiful that while I was surround by a bright light That I never wanted to leave while tears of joy flowed down my cheeks; to thoughts were expressed in my being:

1. I would never have to drink again (That was 32 years ago) 2. I would be given knowledge) then the room returned back to normal as the light left by winces it came.

How can Christian American’s compare their sacrifice to those in Uganda and Especially in Paul's time.

Whenever a Pastor or Christian teacher states that we must be willing to sacrifice and die for Jesus Christ, I ask them How can we even come close to sacrificing anything in American that come close to Uganda and Paul's time?

They seemed uncomfortable with my statement and seem to ignore it and continue with their teachings. There are two words I feel the Christians in America today use that make me uncomfortable; sacrifice and persecution.

It reminds me of the war hero's in their minds that tell you what great things they did are mostly tall tales, compared to the real war hero's that do not talk about their heroics or sacrifices.

So my question is: What are the greatest sacrifices and persecutions made or experienced in the United States of America as true Christians?

Not counted as a Sacrifice is the food donated to the churches to give to the needy once a month (that really is about 1 weeks’ worth that includes 1-2 cans of chicken or/and turkey, 1 can of beef stew. Then the rice and peanut butter and bread can get you through the next three weeks. Thank you.

"Take care of my sheep," From John 21:16

PS I am but one of God's creations, however when I was out of food and power for four days I received not one call of concern, not one offer of food, not one visit by my Pastor and church leaders knew. I love them all with all my heart.

Of all the lies that come from those in power be it man or woman, there are two truths that never has lied to mankind on Earth from the beginning of time. The first being God our creator of all in the heavens and Earth. The second is time that always has given us the truth about the fruits of our labor. Time will tell us if the fruits are nurturing to God's children or was it rotten as man’s sins, unrepentant falling to the Ground never to be raised until God raises all on earth for his final Judgments. Charles Harvey-5/2013

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