20 May, 2013


I was going to say that "They" are as dumb as a fox, however I did not want to insult the fox.

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"A case for having all national anthem singers lip sync"
:Granted, this singer is Canadian, so we can cut her a little slack. Still, at least go over the lyric sheet before you get out there."
Video: Singer butchers national anthem
Bob's Blitz

 photo anthem_zps6d93eb88.png
At least the crowd pitched in to bring her home.

Reply by Voice in the Wilderness: Nice low- blow to a young lady that made a mistake.
As to the Canada remarks, I do understand that you guys and girls have not read U.S. History, but they have some great bloody pictures I'm sure all of you would salivate over. As to Canada, again you show your lack of knowledge, because Canada factual outshines American in morals, values and ethics. Yes, I was born in the United State, however I look at the truth about my country, and not bury my head in the sand with the American Flag sticking out of my anatomy where the sun never shines. Then, when they pull the heads of the staff at Morning Bark out of the sand they all with sand in their mouths shout in perfect unison: "We Live In the great country in the world."
LeBron to Vogel: We're not just the next team
Fox Sports Florida
You could say the Miami Heat are looking for bulletin-board material. But if what Frank Vogel really said was tacked up, it wouldn’t be very exciting.

Reply by Voice in the Wilderness: My God guys . . . It's all about male testosterone, Machismo, Ego's and who has the Biggest balls(basketball's) That reminds me, next time the staff writer's go out to buy a jock strap please get the correct size in the boys section (extra small).  
Photo: RGIII thanks fans for wedding gifts
 photo rg3_zps32c3ed4e.jpg
Robert Griffin III is getting married, and many Redskins fans aren’t invited to the wedding. That hasn’t stopped them from buying their star player everything he asked for, though.

Reply by Voice in the Wilderness: I do understand how much it hurts all of you I assume, because of the few gifts you receive at the office.
Griner: Baylor told me to keep quiet about sexuality
Bush League Chronicle
“It was a recruiting thing. The coaches thought that if it seemed like they condoned it, people wouldn’t let their kids come play for Baylor.”

Reply by Voice in the Wilderness:
Photo: Boxer has his eye battered in loss
Larry Brown Sports
 photo denis-lebedev-eye-11_zps43c2b2a4.jpg
Goodness gracious, that was bad. His face was so discolored it looked like he had a Phantom of the Opera mask on.

Reply by Voice in the Wilderness: Be honest, is this guy one of your staff writer's? Must happen a lot. 

Ex-fiancee says Mario Williams 'suicidal'
Down and Distance
Issues like this go beyond football.


Reply by Voice in the Wilderness: Hey! Mario should be happy with Erin out of his life. America leads the world in divorces; do you think it is all the man’s fault? See photo below: #4

The best memes, screencaps, and GIFs of the week
 photo Brazzers_zps6018f5b2.jpg
The Ian Kinsler slide, LFL players twerking and Mike Babcock rollin' with his homies lead Guyism's edition of sports memes and GIFs of the week.

Reply by Voice in the Wilderness: What to get them for Mother's Day?
Video: D'Backs reliever makes catch of the year?
Fox Sports Arizona
A candidate for catch of the year, no question — and it might be the only tag-team submission.

Reply by Voice in the Wilderness: Two full grown men to catch a ball. And that is newsworthy?
Video: Belfort KOs Rockhold with spinning heel kick
 photo belfort_zpsc8d85dee.png
For the second time in as many fights, Vitor Belfort put his opponent to sleep with a vicious head kick.

Reply by Voice in the Wilderness: Is kicking as macho as the Gladiators from the Roman Empire?
Report: Howard intrigued by two teams
It looks like the Dwightmare may continue into this Summer, as the free agent readies to hit the open market...

Reply by Voice in the Wilderness: "Free at Last" will he be able to survive on what he has in the bank? We worry about him . . .Not


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