16 December, 2012


That was Charlton Heston famous quote at a large NRA rally to mostly want to be macho men that do not understand the Second amendment. How did humanity survive for tens of thousands of years? How can Canadians sleep at night without a hand gun near their bed and a large collection of arsenals stored in the house? When Charlton Heston died at age 84, they said that had used a heavy-duty fork lift to take the coffin to his final resting place. Besides having to pry guns from both his hands they had to take off both guns that were spring loaded to come out of his sleeves into his hand; they also had to pry two miniature derringers strapped to each of his big toes. To fire the derringer's a mechanism was rigged to his little toes so all he had to do was wiggled each of his pinkie toes (it is rumored that Mr. Heston went through a lot of shoes by accidentally firing them blowing the front of his shoes off). Also, in the coffin they found ten hand guns:

.600 nitro express, 500 S&W 460 S&W, 454. Casull, 45 colt, 44 mag, 50 AE, 41 mag, 357 mag, 45 ACP. Also they found in Mr. Heston’s coffin were two MGL/M-32 Grenade Launcher – Versatile Grenade Launcher. See Picture below:
     Note: NRA members say they need lots of guns
 for self-defense and hunting.
 They also found Zeliska Revolver – World’s Largest and Most Powerful Handgun in his pants.
Guys I know your big time deer hunters that like to hunt with an Elephant Rifle - Winchester .405 'Teddy' Roosevelt Rifle. Model 1895 or the 50 BMG, However, with my Military skills I like using SE37-K Seal Team Elite Knife. I clime a tree naked with my entire body painted in a camouflage   to match the colors of the leave and when they look up they will only see what looks like a mufti-color snake dangling from my body. When the 12 pointer dear or the 800 pound bear goes under the tree I pounce on their back and plunge my knife into a vital organ such as the jugular vein, or slit the throat from left to right. I’m a lefty and they say I think in my right mind?  Sometime if I want some sport I will plunge my knife into one of the animals eye balls and jump off and stay on the animal blind side, while slicing him till he loses so much blood and collapse and then I yell Hooya" However one time it attracted the attention of a game warden and he arrested me for being naked with a dead weapon.

My heart is hurting thinking of all the little children killed and the emotional suffering that all the families will through for the rest of their lives. May Gods angels embrace all the children that died in his angels wings, and give them peace and joy for all eternity? And may God embrace the families with the Holy Spirit to bear the pain they will endure for the rest of their days on earth.

The sad part is that right now there are millions of macho men sitting in bars or at home or in the woods hunting that love their guns and bitching how the government will take their guns from them. They will say: “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Considering that American has more people in prison than any other free nation, and we have the most serial killers and lead in killing the young with guns; Do you really think that any person needs more than one gun and one rifle? Does any ordinary citizen need a gun? Protection you say: “We don't know the exact date, and there is disagreement over the exact place. Early firearms (primitive cannon) began to appear in about the mid-1100s. The early locations where primitive cannon appeared included India, China, and Arab countries. The possible candidates would need metals like brass and bronze, the ability to work those metals, and sources of sulfur and saltpeter to make gunpowder.
Egyptian Mamalukes used hand guns against the Moguls in the 1260 battle of Ain Jalute
Personal firearms became more widespread by the 1400s.

Here are some statistics comparing Canada that we make fun of to us the United States of American, a Nation under God? Also, Read:  http://charliebigfeet.blogspot.com/2012/02/god-realized-he-made-three-mistakes.html A Nation under God, right?
In the United States, annual firearm homicides total

2009: 9,146 2008: 9,484 2007: 10,129 2006: 10,225 2005: 10,158 2004: 9,385 2003: 9,6597
 2002: 9,369 2001: 8,890 1999: 8,259 1998: 9,257

Compare Rate of Gun Homicide per 100,000 People Chart In the United States, the annual rate of firearm homicide per 100,000 population is:

2009: 2.98  2008: 3.12 2007: 3.36 2006: 3.42  2005: 3.43 2004: 3.20 2003: 3.37 2002: 3.25
 2001: 3.12 1999: 2.97 1998: 3.37 1993: 7.07 

In Canada, annual homicides by any means total People (any method)
ChartIn Canada, the annual rate of homicide by any means per 100,000 population is:
2009: 1.81 2008: 1.83 2007: 1.80 2006: 1.86 2005: 2.06 2004: 1.95 2003: 1.74 2002: 1.86
2001: 1.78 2000: 1.78 1999: 1.77 1998: 1.85 1997: 1.96 1996: 2.14 1995: 2.01 1994: 2.06
 1993: 2.19 1992: 2.58 1991: 2.69 1990: 2.38 1989: 2.41 1988: 2.15 1987: 2.43


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  1. Just saw this and you do realize USA is 9 times bigger than Canada 35,000,000 vs 313,000,000. Not to mention, most gun related homicides are criminals killing criminals. None of the firearms I own were bought for killing people and as long as I have them they never will. I copied this from the CDC website- "In 2010, 10,228 people were killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes, accounting for nearly one-third (31%) of all traffic-related deaths in the United States". Last I check there were bigger problems that affect more completely innocent people than something for which I have a right to own. I am a perfectly normal, law abiding, contributing member of society with the right to defend myself and my family from any aggressor should the occasion arise. Until then, I'll practice with paper bulls eye targets not harming anyone.