31 December, 2012

To Jump or not to Jump, that is the question?

  Are only hope is if the voter's jump because they keep doing the same thing every election by putting in the well-funded politician's from the "Upper Class". 



They are puppets being controlled by the puppet masters that are the Big Six Media Corporation such as 

Time Warner/CNN that feed   us propaganda and slanted journalism.


Who Owns the Media?

"Massive corporations dominate the U.S. media landscape. Through a history of mergers and acquisitions, these companies have concentrated their control over what we see, hear and read. In many cases, these companies are vertically integrated, controlling everything from initial production to final distribution. In the interactive charts below we reveal who owns what."



The United States did not go over the 'fiscal cliff.  surprise, surprise, why?  Because Congress,waited to to the last minute to give the appearance to the "middle class" (72 % of America's "middle class) they were working hard for us, and really care for us folks on main street. As, long as we know that the 535 members of congress (252 member's our millionaires) will be OK with their six digit income, and have free Healthcare for both them and their spouses the rest of their life and have several modest homes to go to. God I am so grateful to the American Voters that make their life wonderful every time the go to vote and put the same "Upper-Class" politician that are bought and paid for in congress. ]

Here is an example of how the game is played by corporations, lobbyist and congress members:

"Report: Podesta Group Urges Military Contractors to Give Money to Support Hagel"


 Because of the Voters, we live in "The greatest country in the World. Even if: 

1. We pay more for education than the other 17 countries that test better than us.

 2. We purchase 80% of the illegal drugs available in the World. 

3. We have the highest divorce rate in the World. 

4. We have the largest numbers of women that abuse their children in the world (Single White Head of the household more than men.

 5. We have more whites collecting social welfare than any minority groups. 

6. We invade other countries on the pretense of liberating them. 

7. We give Trillions of dollars every year to Muslim Nations that call us infidels.

 8. We help other nations with food shelter that we do not provide for our own Americans homeless. 

9. We had a civil war under the pretense of freeing the slaves that are "Free at Last?" (It was primary about commerce and control by the North.) 

10. We killed most of the native-American Indians and put the rest on reservations. 

11. We killed and made slaves of the Afro-American's we bought and sold like a mule. 

12. We belittled the Irish, Italians, and Asians. 

13. We practiced antisemitism in restaurants, Country Clubs, and the workplace until the nineteen fifties; even after we rescued many too late from the holocaust in WW II. 

14. We spend billions every year of pornography and sex-slaves. 

15. We have Total - 722,499 (Per 100,000 Population - 231) registered sex offenders (July 11, 2012) 

See map of the United States showing the numbers: http://www.missingkids.com/en_US/documents/sex-offender-map.pdf 

16. We lead the world in serial-killers. 

17. We lead the world in school shooting of children and teenagers. 

18. We lead all industrial Nations in hand gun killings (Canada has on average less that 700 a year. The USA has around 10, 0oo a year. 

19. We have the most Prisoners if all free nations.

 There is much more, however I'm getting depressed so I will stop here while those of Neanderthal thinking are yelling: "You don't like it here? Then get the Hell out." A final note:

We say we are a Nation under God, but we have taken God out of our schools.

We say that "We live in the greatest country on earth"?


             The "F" word is used in this video.

Possible side effects: Permanent deafness, Cause a person to salivate like a savage animal with rabies. The most common side effect of hearing the "F" word is that people can go to Hell for all eternity.

               It's said that "The Truth will set you free."


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