04 November, 2012

Long-Term Breastfeeding, The Nation under God is shocked.

May 11, 2012 4:19pm
Breast-Feeding Time Cover Mom Response to Critics

By:  Alice Gomstyn @AliceGomstyn

                        This week's cover of Time magazine shows a mother nursing her 3-year-old son

 Top concern in the World"

 By Charles E. Harvey

A priority over all ills in the world, a mother allows her three year old to suck on her breast. Most accuse her of being inappropriate, and thinking it is the mother sexually acting out. American's always think the worse about people and feast on any negativity.

As a former clinical therapist that worked in mental health, and a person that that tries to grow spiritually, doing my own inventory daily; when I saw the photo on the time's magazine, my mind did not think of sex, nor that the mothers had a mental problem or was acting inappropriately. I saw symbol of a mother bonding and nurturing her son that her son needed.

I was amazed at seeing a picture of a mother breastfeeding her child, and act that is very rare these days. Being a mother nowadays is not a high priority with too many women. Their careers come first. Yes, many do so to pay bills, but many just do not want to stay home and be full-time mother and/or a wife. I said or wife, as 50 % of all marriages in America end in divorce. We lead the world in divorces, as we do in having the most prisoners of any nation in the free world. Also, the majority of all the prisoners come from single-head of the household, and were latchkey kids. Most women choose to work both for paying bills, and their own self-esteem. Americans had a high standard of living and the majority lives above there means as they live from paycheck to paycheck and live off of credit cards. How many mothers sit down to a dinner with their children and spend quality time with them.

Here is common question asked my mother that gave birth and choose to breastfeed: How Long Must a Woman Breastfeed?

What is the minimum amount of time a woman must breastfeed to provide the infant with maximum benefit? What is the "average" length of time women breastfeed?


Notice the wording is not how long can I breastfeed my baby, and the woman wants to know the minimum amount of time for the child to benefit. Mother's breastfeeding a child for three years and is not uncommon around the world. Many do it as a form of birth control.

So by the majority seeing wrong in a mother breastfeeding her child for three years, perhaps we should pass a law forbidding any mother breastfeeding they child beyond one year. Then, it will be understood no child will be allowed to see a naked breast of any woman until they reach the age of 18 years of age; then he can spend the rest of his life seeking after women's naked breast with permission from the woman of legal age, and through pornography, and may include strip joints.

I thought I would add a little humor to the ridiculous worldwide coverage on a mother breast feeding. However, Times sold lots of magazines, and it distracted from the real problems America and other nations are having.
When I am able to resist the temptation to judge others, I can see them as teachers of forgiveness in my life, reminding me that I can only have peace of mind when I forgive rather than judge."
Gerald Jampolsky
United States Inventory
I think everyone has met a person that seems to work on others' faults, as well as quick to judge others in an instant without all the facts Instead they're doing their own inventory. Do you every American's that brag a lot about how great we are to the World. Yes! A Country that is the youngest of all nations in the World that tells other countries what they should be doing while it does not take care of the eyes sores we have here in our own Country leads in Illicit Drug uses, representing 80 % of the world market. We have more criminals in prisons. We have the largest divorce rates. Also, we have largest numbers of teenage criminals, and the largest numbers of deaths related to alcohol; including the largest number of serial killers. And, toss in the largest number of reported sexual predators. However, there are a lot of Christian's in America on Sundays. I can hear the response from many: "if you don't like it here, leave!" Many Americans are not big on accepting responsibility, or doing our own inventories, when we can do others.

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