18 September, 2012


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Mitt Romney Gives Millions to Charity, Most To Mormon Church

"According to IRS documents reviewed by The Huffington Post, Mitt and Ann Romney's charitable foundation gave $4,325,000 to the Mormon Church in three hefty installments in 2003, 2008 and 2009. That was 74 percent of their foundation's donations from 2002 to 2009, during which time the couple gave a total of $5,854,916 to charity."
I am sure that Mitt Romney knows what the Salvation Army does. They help people that Romney would hope would never cross paths with, what he considers lazy freeloaders. However, as to Goodwill I do not know if he has a clue, what they do. They provide free adult basic education and job training programs, Goodwill helps individuals build new lives and make positive contributions to their families and community. If you notice the list of the organizations he donates to be for Political Public Relations to gain votes, and the others are types that benefit the "upper class" and their families.
So, the total given to charity was $5,854,916 minus $4,325,000 for his church leaves $1,529,916 or 26 percent for the other charities Mitt Romney gave to his church that is not known to cater to the homeless and the poor and other low-life Americans. I think Mormon's believed in doing God's work, and believes in America that give them freedom to live and worship as they choose. In, my opinion if he really cared of those Americans below his stature, he would have given $2,162.000, half of $5,854,916 he gave to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; and the other half to help homeless, hungry Americans.
Here are a few pictures of Mormon's from their Hubble lifestyle in the beginning, to the humble ones of today in the 20th century.
Salt Lake City at night        
Mormon Tabernacle at night
Mormon Tabernacle at night

Mormon Tabernacle Choir in concert with Rebecca Luker, Dallyn Bayles, and Stanford Olsen


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Photographs  156 temples                 


With the Mormon's only having huge church's like the ones pictured above, including the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and toss in a full Orcrastra; I can see why they need people like Mitt Romney to give them a few million dollars. We know Mitt did it for God and service, not because he will have millions of Morman's vote for him, like the Catholics did for Kennedy. The Mormon want the First Mormon president just like the Catholics. And their are over six million Mormans in the US.


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