28 September, 2012

To the American Voters That cannot See, Hear, or Think

However, the republicans can SEEwhat is best for them. They cannot HEAR the“middle class" (72 percent of America’s population.) They do THINK of how they can makemoney for themselves, and how they can brainwash America with their propaganda,spin masters, focus groups and special interest groups. They love War, Money,Oil and "Wall Street."


We look, but cannot see. We listen, but cannot hear. We talk, but we do not do the walk. A darkness is flowing through the heart of humanity. We say we are great, but will not like our fate. Do not ask God to Bless you, ask him to forgive you.

Of course David would not vote for Obama. Your family is not homeless and your children do not go to bed at night hungry. You have to vote for a wealthy "upper class politician." You're not close to being a middle class American. We need Mitt Romney is we want to carry on the good work the Bushes for America. Let's continue to give billions to the Muslim first before Americans. I guarantee you never have read facts or do research on candidates, you believe all the propaganda and lie, especially if you vote down party likes. You look and think like a Republican. I belong to the "middle Class party. The only thing we are ahead of all other nations in is Military Budgets, we spend 600 percent more than China and more than 27 nations combined. We do lead in Divorces; we buy 80% of the world's illegal drug supplies. We have the most people in prison of all other free nations. We lead in having the most serial killers in the World. We have dropped from number one in Education to 17Th and 24Th and 27Th in the three most important subjects. We outsource jobs and manufacturing to foreign countries. The number one American Company GE paid no taxes on several billion profits in 2010; they moved their x-ray Company to China and tossed in 2 billion dollars.
We tell the World we are the greatest? We make fun of the French that did help us in the American Revolution with money and power. The French "One Percent" agreed to pay 75% taxes for a period of time to help their Country. Our "One Percent avoids taxes and has offshore accounts. We keep reminded them we saved them in WWII, and give the world the impression we were the only ones that saved the World from Germany, Japan and Italy. I know you believe all the negative things about Obama that 99.9 % are lies. Republicans said he cannot tell American's anything he accomplished because he did not accomplish anything. So, here is a list of document accomplishments by Obama that is never mentioned. http://3chicspolitico.com/president-obamas-accomplishments/


You have a very beautiful family and hope God blesses them and keeps them safe because they are going to have to pay the price for the voters, like their father, with closed minds that never seek to find the truth. They are the voters that believe it's all about me and not US anymore. I have done over 20 years of research on facts in regard to America's history from the beginning to the present time. I also have research our Governments truth behind the lies they tell TheAmerica people. There are over 300 Blogs I offer to people to hopefully bring light on dark times and will soon be darker as we head toward the abyss. Here is a favorite one you would enjoy on the world dominance plan written by Dick Cheney: Dick Cheney's song of America: Drafting a plan for global dominance."


Also, if you care to search through my blogs that I'm sure you will not because you have all the answers: http://www.thevoiceinthewilderness.com/

Final notes, I think we are physically are about the same size. I am 6:5 and weigh 275. However, I am never too big or important not to get on my knees at night and thank my Higher Power I call God.

May your Gods Angels embrace you and your family in their wings, and give you Peace, Joy and Love, as you soar though the clouds of life challenges before you!


72 % of American's are from the "middle class.

The Constitution does not apply to the classes, below the "535 "upper classes, we vote into Congress every election. Also, the Constitution does not apply to the American media. Why have the lower class American's put in forty four presidents from the "upper class" and never insisted
on a president from the "middle class?"





The "middle class" American DID NOT even bother to sign a petition to have CNN give an interview to a "middle class" Presidential candidate that is denied what media affords wealthy "upper class."

The Constitution, allows "Middle Class," American citizen to run for President of the United State. It does no say we have to be governed by "upper class," only American Media, the "Upper Class," and the One Percent, they have their on Constitution.
how many signed a petition to put a "middle class" candidate on the ballot?

So as the "upper class," Members of Congress, continue to create wars, under the Propaganda they will feed you, the "middle class," and they will ask for Seconds. They will continue giving Billions to "Middle East," the same people that calls American's infidels. So if you want to see who is responsible for the, decline of America, and those on “Main Street," USA, please include the families and children, that live literally on the Streets. Look in the mirror, now you know the truth. It is not about me, it's about, giving a voice to any "middle Class," Presidential Candidate, the same they afford the "upper class. Media Controls what the people see, hear, and read. Just like China's leader.
So, please, please, do not complain, or blame Congress, j
ust be grateful that we have soup kitchens, I suggest you try the soup, c'est magnifique!!.


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