16 September, 2012

World Stunned by Double Breasted Princesses

I remember women that did not wear a bra, with nipples pointing in the direction they were going; would tell me that they do it for comfort? How dumb of me, a man that would get sexually excited seeing women's breast and nipple during sexual intercourse, ("making love" for those that feel better saying that even with strangers) I always thought that women's breast were a primary target of enjoyment for both the woman and man and lesbians.

However, men are called disgusting by woman when we look at their breast bouncing up and down, or their nipples that look like a doorbell button you would push to get a person's attention. So, if I understand this correctly, men can be aroused by breast and nipples in a private room, but not in public. It made me think of the discrimination between what woman and men can wear in public. IE I am a naturist who is a person that enjoys nudity and goes to nudist colonies. I attended an Episcopal church last year, and after a couple of months I was approached by to male elders in private that suggested I wear jockey underwear in church as women have complained and find it inappropriate. So, woman can choose not wear a bra and exposing their nipples pressing through their clothes in public, including church however, a man cannot expose the outline of his manhood and the outer-crown of the head.

Can we agree that the female breast and the male penis are sexual organs used for gratification? I am being bold and sarcastic as is my writing style. Since, the Princess of Wellington has over 109,000,000 searches to see her breast as of 09/16/2012 at 3:52 PM EST, we must implement laws in regards the female breast and nipples.

Well a man does not have to worry about getting sexually aroused by seeing bouncing breast and nipple. If a man dates you wearing a burka you know it’s for your personality and not your looks, boobs or body.
However, the burkas where you can see the woman's eyes can drive a man crazy:
Yes! Yes! Whatever she Wants.
However, others will scare the hell out of a man.
These eyes say: 'I Kill all Men."
1. If a law cannot be past prohibiting women's nipples protruding through their cloth more than ¾ "in length, and enforcing them to wear bras. It is not as bad of the Muslim woman that has to wear a burka. Taking about woman wearing burkas:

Then we must pass a law that would make I mandatory for all males ages 13 to 85, to wear a sexual response sensor that would send out a GPS location when they are aroused by breast and nipples. The sexual arousal police will pick the offender up and immediately take them to the anti-arousal facilities and put them in a tub full of ice, while inducing a safe about of electrical shock to a specific location on the male body. After, the 3rd offense they will be detained in a 360 degree room for 30 days. The prisoner will only see naked breast, bouncing breast in cloth, and nipples protruding through cloth; they will be shown 24/7 on the entire 360 degree walls, as well as the ceiling and floor.

2. All art forms that show women's breast will be covered. The male art that shows the penis will be covered, and if it's in a statue form it will be whacked off.

3. No males will see a naked breast of nipples after the age three and will not be allowed to see a naked breast until they attained the legal age of eighteen. *Only to be seen in private.
Ok, that should make it a safer moral world to live in.

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