05 August, 2012

Question to Bill Moyers, and other Well Know Journalist

Are you just talking the Talk? Or are you Walking the Walk?
“Charity is commendable; everyone should be charitable. But justice aims to create a social order in which, if individuals choose not to be charitable, people still don’t go hungry, unschooled or sick without care. Charity depends on the vicissitudes of whim and personal wealth; justice depends on commitment instead of circumstance.” http://www.betterworld.net/heroes/pages-m/moyers-quotes.htm

Even Bill Moyers will not give the time of day to a presidential candidate from the "middle Class." We are 72 % of America's population. However, all alleged American? Media and well know columnist such as Mr. Moyers, stand with the "BIG SIX" Media Corporations, the "One Percent," and the "Upper-Class" politicians in power; that the only way they want a person from the "Middle Class" near the White House is on tour with an armed guard.

Think about this, The United States never has had a true person from the "Middle Class" as president or vice-president in office. The United States is going down the drain because of all those in power from the "Upper Class." They know America's failing and will never fully recover and will remain military hawks and support the war machine and stand alone in the world of nations. But, The rich are going to get as much as they can while they still can get it, and then they can move close to their offshore bank accounts, and move their companies to other Countries, such as GE that made billions and paid no taxes, and gave $2 billion to China and move one of their most successful companies to China.

Just look where the wealthy and those in power, the "upper class" has taken us in the last 30 years or so.
Do you think that the Roman Empire believed they would fall and only be read about in history books? They, like us, spend the money on all those people in power and "upper classes. They spend too much money on the military and tried to control the world as they knew it. America is following exactly the same bloody footprints as they did.

But, there will always be the "die-hard's" that stand on the rumble of America's destruction waving the American flag and saying: "We live in the greatest country in the world." They believe it now and will believe it at our end.
I do apologies, forgot it cannot happen to the United States, we have been around for more than 350 years, and spend more on military than 27 Nations in the World, including leading in first place in spending 600 percent more than China on their military budget.
We are invincible! However, I will be dead before the ending and then they may look back and say: "That crazy guy running for president in 2012 was right." But my heart aches for those young people that will have no future, and suffer at the expense of those greedy ego-maniacs in power.

May Gods Angels embrace the "lower classes" in their wings and give them some Peace, Joy, Strength and Love, as they try and soar though the clouds of life challenges before you! And, May God forgives the Greedy, selfish and egotistical those with all the money and abuses their powers, and neglects others. The Constitution never said that we had to be ruled by the "Upper Class."

Here is a great example of an experience I had when I called "The Diane Rehm Show." Diane Talks the Talk.

Charles Harvey, a well-educated, "middle class" presidential candidate-2012, denied being on "The Diane Rehm Show"

The topic was on President Obama and Presidential Candidates.
I told the man on the phone that all media refused to cover any presidential candidate, from "middle class." He told me to hold. Then, he came back on the phone, and he said, it is unfortunate, but we cannot take your call today.
All these years I believed in Diane Rehm, caring for the "Middle Class," Was I wrong? Is Diane, part of the same "Upper Class" that controls what the "Middle Class" sees, hears, and reads? That, denies any media coverage for "middle class," presidential candidate? It's not about me, Charles Harvey; it is about any Presidential Candidate from the "middle Class," being denied Media access that the Media afford the "upper class."
The Constitution does not say we have to be governed by the "upper class."
The closest the "Upper Class" want a "Middle Class," near the White House, is on a public tour guide. To think I thought Diane Rehm was caring,
So, it seems Diane Rehm is like all Media, that refuses giving a voice to a "middle class," presidential candidate.( Middle Class" is 72% of America's population.)



Photos of well-known media that just talk the Talk when it comes to presidential candidates from the "Middle Class" 



I have to live for others and not for myself: that's middle-class morality."

George Bernard Shaw

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