01 August, 2012

Letter from a supporter which Loves her Country and God and Walks theWalk.

In my communications with this supporter of my campaign, I asked the person about their military experience since we both served in the Navy.

This is a true American with morals, values and ethics. The person knows the power of the media and money prevent any presidential candidate from the "middle class," and only giving free coverage to the "upper class". politicians funded by millions of dollars by special interest groups. I say to the "middle class," (72 percent of our population) if you do not fight for candidates from the "middle class" to receive equal free coverage to us; then pack your bangs and prepare to downsize to the "lower class." .

Mr. Charles Harvey,

Good evening. We have sent a couple of e-mails last Mr. Charles Harvey, week or so. I applaud your stance on issues that the mainstream candidates are overlooking or ignoring. It seems that they and the media are trying to distract us with non-issues. I have served 20 years in the Navy for our nation. My service was not glamorous or decorated. I worked hard behind the scenes. While I had my good times and bad times, I stuck with it. I was honored to serve our great nation. I also had to earn a living for my family too. Some fellow members did look for the glory and recognition. Of course, I wanted to be appreciated and accredited for my efforts. Although I did not serve on the frontlines, onboard ships, or overseas, I still worked hard while some others just wanted to coast. I was a TAR. We are the active duty members who train and administer to the Reservists. I had to deal with abuse in the form of sexual harassment in the early years in a squadron, and then with reverse discrimination in the latter years. My husband, also a veteran, passed away during my time in service. Then, I was trying to juggle the job and household as a single parent. By the grace of God, I made it through some difficult times. There are situations that are better and worse, but mine were difficult. Some may try to undermine such circumstances, but they were tough. I made it to retirement. I always try to keep a positive perspective. I do have good memories of experiences. I have served in a VP squadron, PSDs, and Reserve Centers upon completion of basic training and schools, etc. I retired as an E6 with 20 years of honorable service. I am the only one of my siblings who served in the military.

Afterward, I earned my BS in Education. However, I am dealing with some health issues. I am grateful for the VA. I am trying to focus on my dear daughter who is attending college now.

I would be happy to read about your experiences too. I am trying to share the word about your candidacy. I have mentioned your name and website to family and friends. I am still trying to figure other ways to share this good word. You have some good ideas, even great ideas. You would be the man with a plan. Have you received any new information or opportunities to advertise or to get media time? Again, I will keep you, all of us, and our country in my prayers.


I did not mention the persons name because the person is humble and does not know it, the message is important..

Her is some information on the person's military career:

PSDs in the Navy means:

personnel Support Detachment

Personnel Support Activity has detachments at every naval installation to provide Navy men and women with personnel, disbursing, and educational development services.



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