07 January, 2012

"The Diane Rehm Show" Denied a well-educated, "middle class" Presidential Candidate-2012, to be on her Show.

Charles Harvey, a well-educated, "middle class" presidential candidate-2012, denied to be on "The Diane Rehm Show"

The topic was on President Obama and Presidential Candidates.

 I told the man on the phone, that all media refused to cover any presidential candidate, from "middle class." He told me to hold. Then he came back on the phone, and he said, it is unfortunate, but we cannot take your call today.

All these years I believed in Diane Rehm, caring for the "Middle Class," Was I wrong? Is Diane, part of the same "Upper Class” that controls what the "Middle Class" sees, hears, and reads? That, denies any media coverage for "middle class," presidential candidate? It’s not about me, Charles Harvey; it is about any Presidential Candidate from the “middle Class,” being denied Media access, that the Media afford the “upper class.”

The Constitution does not say we have to be governed by the "upper class."

 The closes the "Upper Class" want a "Middle Class," near the White House, is on a public tour guide. To think I thought Diane Rehm was caring,
So, it seems  Diane Rehm is like all Media, that refuses giving a voice to a "middle class," presidential candidate.( Middle Class" is 72% of America's population.)


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