24 July, 2012

Ask President Obama and Mr. Expensive Empty Suit, why they do not Debate a presidential candidate from the "Middle Class?" I go by the rules of the Constitution, not the Media and the "One Percent" That go by their own rules.

Mitt Romney criticized Candidates for not having run a business, and suggested that being president of the United States, a Candidate should have run a successful business. Mitt, you have to start reading your history or hire new staff to give me accurate information. Only three presidents had an alleged experience running a business; They were the Bushes and Carter. Mitt also has made false accusation about other candidates. However, Misinformation is his forte. (Fortay-french) Mitt, Perfect resumes, Good looks, and rhetorical *BS, written by spin-masters, does not make great presidents.

I believed in Obama, but he was weak in areas that he should have been strong on. Obama, also, was too involved in the Middle East, and not taking care of Americans, here at home. Paying billions of dollars to Muslim Nations, that takes our money, then lie to us, followed by calling Americans infidels

I have to live for others and not for myself: that's middle class morality.
Charles Harvey, Presidential Candidate-2012, from the "Middle Class."

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As a "middle class," presidential Candidate, I have been denied American Media access, on all levels, with one exception, Titus Workman, Publisher, of The Daily herald, Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870.
In reading The Daily Herald, and the Publishers opinions, I have learned that he is honest, and above board. He never, allows bias, or slanted journalism; nor does he love political correctness. Also, in my opinion, and most important, is his belief in God, America, for what it used to stand for, as well as the United States Constitution.

Below is a very honest and accurate interview by Della Rose, Reporter for the Daily Herald.

Does Mitt and President Obama, have the courage to debate a presidential candidate, from the "Middle Class, that has been "black listed," from the media because he is from the "middle class?"
If Romney, Obama are true Americans, and care for the "middle class; They will accept my challenge, for the people, the "Middle Class.
The "middle class, represents "72 Percent of the population that is controlled by 535 "upper class," members of Congress.

The "middle class" are denied free media that is afforded all the political candidates, from the "upper class"

The Constitution allows the "middle class," to run for president of the United States. The Constitution does not say Americans have to be ruled by the "upper class."

So let's debate, unless you they are afraid, or do not care to give a voice to the "middle class." Maybe, they think they are above a debate with Candidates, from a lower-class than your own.
As a novice, I have made my own video at home. I have no staff. I have spent $500.00 Since March 3, 2011. How much money have they spent on your campaigns? I ask for the free media that the "upper class," was given.

I've, thrown down the gauntlet; take up the gauntlet. However, they would take a chance at looking like the rear end of a horse if they debate a "middle class" candidate that ask for no money and has no staff, but can do a better job than Obama, Romney, and the Bushes.
The "Middle Class" has nothing to lose to demand the debate.

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