12 May, 2012

Gay Position on Same Sex Marriage-It's about Me, not We.

It's a sad thing for Americans that have gone from a "WE" Nation to a "ME" country.

It is reflected in our low morals, values, and ethics of America's culture, a couple of examples, the very small percentage of gays that want gay marriage in all states under the guise of Equal rights.
They will not even compromise and accept that many state allow same-sex marriage, they want them all. They want the overwhelming majority to change the world's traditional marriage that has been around for over a billion years according to scientific data collected. If you will not go back that far, then let's say since 3000 BC. The fact is around 1990, gays have tried to change the marriage laws.

"The Institution of Marriage goes way back. Over 5,000 years ago, the Sumerians had made laws which regulated marriage. But it was still "Rough House" rules. The "Best Man" got that name because he would help kidnap the bride, and then fight off the relatives if they tried to rescue her. The Romans thought this a bit uncivilised. They went one step further, and wrote laws that made sure that both the groom and the bride entered into their marriage of their own free choice.

The very earliest marriage certificate that we have was found in a bundle of Aramaic papyri, some 2,500 years old. It was found in the ruins of a Jewish Garrison, that had been stationed at Elephantine in Egypt. It's more of a "contract" than a "marriage certificate", as it documents that the groom landed himself a healthy 14 year-old girl bride in exchange for six cows."

(Photo courtesy of 'Stellasweet Photography')

Wedding rings are one of our oldest wedding traditions...dating back to 2800 BC. But where exactly did this tradition come from and how has it stood the test of time? Well...wedding rings have a very interesting, and somewhat mysterious, history. So, let's take a look....
I find it amazing that the possible 20 % of gays age 18, and over in America, expect the 80 % of non-homosexual American to change to their beliefs of what is a traditional marriage? Those that say it will change the family values negatively is not true. Non-homosexuals have been destroying the sacredness of marriage on their own. The United States is the world leader in divorces with 50 % failing marriages, with the children being affected negatively. Both parents' blames each other and it's all about them, not the children.

Gays talk about being denied benefits, welcome to the real world where 30 plus million non-homosexual struggles with loss of no benefits at all and no health insurance. Gays, please taker a number, the world will get to you when it's your turn; and it will never be your turn to change the laws of marriage to please your lifestyle. Its reality, most of Americans accept people that want to love and live in homosexual relationships, and nobody is trying to change your lifestyle. Work hard like most Americans and save up for retirement, and draw up legal will to help a spouse after the death of their loved one.

Gay couples can get married in a very special ceremony with preacher's that support gay marriages performed before they eyes of the God of your choosing, and asking the Blessing of their God.
Amazing how selfish people have changed America political system for the worse. From the president of the United States, Governors, Mayors and Politician's, seeking to win an election's now lie to please pro-gay voters. Also, too many voters will vote for or against base one single issue, this has been a disaster for America. The politician will lie and agree with most issues based on what way the wind is blowing to gain those votes. Like the Homosexual marriage issue, what does the politicians care, when they go home to their "Upper Class" homes at night, they careless about what others are doing in their own homes. Some states have voted for the tradition man and woman marriage only that has been around for tens of thousands of years. The overwhelming majority of the voters in those states have voted.
Live with it or live in pro-Gay marriage States. You have all the same equal rights as all Americans, and can go anywhere without discrimination. The pro-gay has used the humanitarian buzzwords like:
Equality and discrimination.
What in insult to the Afro-American that really know those words still today. Also, an insult for those that fought for women's rights, and they are 50 % of the American population. And at the worst time of Afro-Americans history of both discrimination's and lack of equal rights, they were the largest minority group in America until the Latino became the second largest minority group in America.

That was true discrimination and lack of Equal rights for a large percentage of Americans. They were not asking for the majority of Americans to change their religious beliefs or the sanctity of marriage. They wanted to accept as humans. Gays/Homosexuals are treated as humans today. Yes you are criticized and even harmed at times, however, read the newspapers; Non homosexual teen, men, woman, of various skin colors are hurt or killed every day. Many have killed themselves because of being bullied or made fun of, like the girl voted the ugliest looking in the world. It had millions of hits on the web; we live in as very sick society. Life is not fair that is reality. Enjoy your relationships with the same sex, grow spiritually together and be grateful for what you have. Also, try practicing the Acceptance:

"When we are disturbed, it is because we find some person, place, thing or situation -- some fact of our life -- unacceptable to us, and we can find no serenity until we accept that person, place, thing or situation as being exactly the way it is supposed to be at this moment.
Dr. Paul Ohliger, author

Look around at all the freedoms throughout America gays enjoy. However, the gay's want the majority of Americans to accept them, gays want all to change to their thinking, and they seemed to want it all.

And for the most part they do throughout the United States. Gays can live in any neighborhood of their choice, and to practice their choice of lifestyle, and we stay out of your bedroom. What I disapprove about pro-gay same-sex marriages, if you do not agree with them on this issue of same sex marriage, they will accuse them or me as being homophobia. There is no compromising with those of pro-gay lifestyles, relationship and same-sex marriages.

I live and voted against same sex marriage in North Carolina; however I was born in California and lived there for 30 years. My favorite place to live was San Francisco and Sausalito. I also had the honor of being asked to escort transvestites to Annual balls, and they enjoy having a tall good looking straight man to escort them to the Annual Ball, and I was 6'5," 235 pounds, and in my twenties. They thought I was good looking, and who am I to argue with that. They competed for the best dressed, and pay thousands of dollars on dresses, and they looked fantastic.

My deceased wife's brother was gay and had a wonderful male partner. He also died at a young age from Cirrhosis of the Liver, I loved him very much.

I have copied a Letter to the Editor directly from the newspaper to share a very common theme, and outcry by those that are pro-same-sex marriage.

Click on article to enlarge to read

As to the argument that without same-sex marriage will lose domestic partnership benefits.
Here are options that heterosexual all through America

• Domestic partnership benefits? Do what heterosexual American's do, buy life insurance on each other as same-sex relationships.
• Heath care, prescription drugs? Like the rest of American's do that as single people, they buy health plans, and prescription plans.
• Children will not be denied help they may need.
• Gays are eligible for Medicare and Medicaid just like all singe Americans.
• As to domestic violence, Gays will get the same protection afforded all Americans.
• You can visit anyone at the hospital if you have permission, either verbal or written beforehand in case of emergency.
• If you have legal guardianship for children you will have the same rights as any single head of the household have.
• Do what 99.6 million unmarried people in America 18 *(2010) and older do, live life the best they can and accept responsibility for their own choices in life. They do not try to change the laws of the land to get the same benefits as those that are married. *http://www.census.gov/newsroom/releases/archives/facts_for_features_special_editions/cb11-ff19.html
If same-sex couples can prove a head count of a minimum of One Third of Americans population that is 313,527,000 *(May 2012), then I would think there would be room for more negations. 'The whole is greater than the sum of its parts'
Same-sex couples have several states to live in that accept your marriages, so please start thinking about others than yourselves. And please stop using the words "discrimination and equality like your victims. Gays have come out of the closet and it would be hard for me to find a place in America that you are not allowed. I just checked my email, to find a petition to sign for "marriage equality," Another buzzword to give the impression gays are victims. The movement to allow same sex marriage is not based on love; it is based on benefits, monetary gains by being married. They already have love, and like all-Americans, they have access to individual benefits that they seek in a marriage, just as all unmarried Americans do. The buzzwords that they use to give us the impression they are being abuse and are victims. I thought only politicians use Buzzwords to get votes. To try and to change all state laws in the definition of marriage is so selfish I find it hard to believe they want the majority of Americans and the world that wants to keep the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman, which has been the belief of humans well before 3000 B.C. I would like the readers of my blog to know that I am:
• Not a religious person, and do not belong to any church.
• Not a Bible thump-er.
• Not homophobic
• Not against equal right when altruistic.

Gays are not being deprived of equal rights that are available to all us American citizens. They want to change the definition of marriage that that more than 70 % humans on earth believe should be between the opposite sexes throughout human history.

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