04 May, 2012

"Charlie's Thoughts for Today-May 4th 2012,"

To:  The Board of Directors of American's Elect-2012.


Re: Policies

It's my opinion that no advisor, or any person's involved with American's Elect Board of Directors and management; They should not be allowed to run as a candidate on the American's Elect-2012 ticket. "We" the people, and American's Elect, started with clean political waters, and now we are polluting the waters with the dark political manipulation, used by the candidate from the "upper Class," One Percent.

American's Elect has put a target of controversy on all the backs of our delegates and candidates of American's Elect; I am both a delegates and a candidate on American's Elect.

"I have to live for others and not for myself: that's middle-class morality." George Bernard Shaw

Another concern is the PR sent out showing the front runners only, is a method used by the bias Media. I do not even have to see the financial records to know that none in question that are in the mainstream media as potential candidates, are not true "middle class," as was none of The United States of America 44 presidents, ("We" the People.")

When I received a Public Relation email from American's Elect, my first thought was it seemed both bias, and slanted, in favor of those candidates with the most votes on American's Elect.

I'm well-educated in the field of psychology, with a Master's in Social Work. I also know how people can be influence through manipulation. I know it is not the case here. However, I can tell you that the overwhelming majority will click on those they see with the most votes rather than bother with looking at the other several hundred candidates.

I suggest that if America's elect is going to continue to do lead funding publicity through any media that is showing candidates running for president on the American's Elect ticket; that they rotate, and give equal and fair exposure to the other candidates.

I have been trying to get media for over a year as a "middle class" candidate. The Media and the "One Percent" do not do the lower classes. They are biased, and slanted toward giving exposure to the candidates from the "Upper Class" politician's, the top Candidate's get the most media. People like Ron Paul, even if he is from the "upper Class," and a politician; he receives less media that the top candidates that are from the two party systems.

Thank you for letting me share what I believe was an honest error on the part of those responsible or publicity. I hope you can clean the political waters for all of us members of American's Elect-2012.

Charles Harvey, M.S.W

"I have to live for others and not for myself:that's middle-class morality." George Bernard Shaw
"Middle Class" Stand Up and be Heard. GivePower to the Middle Class, Not the " One Percent.


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