18 March, 2012

The ArmChair Warriors

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Armchair Warrior is a term alluding to fighting from the comfort of one’s living room. The word is considered a pejorative term that describes speaking out in support of a war, battle or fight by someone that avoided or has little military experience. This differs from slacktivism in that no action needs to be done by an Armchair Warrior beyond stating a point of view vs an act to give the appearance of making a difference from a slacktivist. It is closer to being a variation of Chickenhawk which was a slang term used during the Vietnam War to describe a superior officer that wasn’t on the frontlines.
Examples of activities labeled as "Armchair Warrior" include advocating sending troops to settle a conflict, lobbying to keep defense jobs to make outdated military equipment as part of the Military Industrial Complex or to make political messages on radio or Television talk shows in favor or using armed forces in a conflict over trying diplomatic channels.
An early example of using the term "Armchair Warrior" appeared in a Twilight Zone episode originally aired on March 3, 1963 called No Time Like the Past. Rod Serling wrote a speech for the episode that is made by a time traveler directed towards a banker calling for sending young soldiers to fight a war against American Indians in the late 1800‘s.[1] Serling had received a Purple Heart for injuries incurred while serving as a paratrooper in World War II.
Don Henley referred to Armchair Warriors in the song "The End of the Innocence".
We had to stay in Iraq or Afghanistan till we complete our Mission, usually these are the armchair warriors, that take this position that are not in arms way. Their reasons for staying really are not based on facts such as Iraq has WMD, Iraq were the people that attacked us on 911, Iraq is the center of terrorism, Not true except our presence in Iraq brought them to Iraq. ‘Jihad’ is a world wild terrorist group that has suicide bombers killing people in many countries. If we stay till Iraq can be strong enough to defend themselves it should only take around 250 years such as America did to become strong. In the meantime thousands of young soldiers from around the world will die as well as thousands of innocent civilians. Every time, we kill or capture 10 insurgents 20 more will replace them till we leave Islam territory. How long has Israel been free from terrorist? Bring our troops home alive and have them defend our 15,000 mile border here in the United States. Let’s solve our own problems before we try to solve other Countries.
The Armchair warriors and people displaying bumper stickers saying “Support Our Troops” How dare they divide nations and accuse any red blooded American not supporting our troops. They do support our troops all times defending the United States from invasions and for freedom, and they support our troops coming home alive and in one piece. How come the great armchair warriors do not want us spend the 15 billion dollars a week we are spending in Iraq and spend it help starving children and dying  people in 3rd world countries, millions die each year, More that Sadam killed and Hitler killed all together. But the Armchair warriors and the Hawks
do not seem to care about them, after all it is not shock and awe, not enough male testosterone to feed the hunger, help the sick as there is to blowing another human being to bits and if there is a little collateral damage, so be it, it is after all for “ Truth, Justice, and the American Way. So be brave you bummer sticker dis players as you shop in the malls and sleep in peace knowing that somehow we are keeping the big bad boogie men away as you here of another young solider that died in Iraq.
And remember, that there are thousands and thousands of ‘jihad’ terrorist are around the World and here in the United States, not just in Iraq or Afghanistan. Bring our Troops from all the Middle east, home Alive! We left Iraq and the bombs keep blowing men, woman, and children, to pieces almost daily since we left. And no matter how long we stayed beyond the 10 Years, Iraq and all the Middle East will return to the same condition it was before we arrived, except thousands of dead Americans and allies, 250,000 dead civilians, over one million displaced Iraq’s. Let us not forget all the building, and infrastructures, that were destroyed. We should be honest and change the slogan from, “The Nation Builders," to "Nation Destroyers.

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