18 March, 2012

Who Has More intelligence, Man or Beast?

When I ever hear someone say, in a conversation say the humans are the most intelligent species on earth, I always ask them the following questions? Why does humanity build, and rebuild homes by oceans, below sea level, or on the edge of cliffs? Why build to forest, and bushy areas, and in Tornado alley? If animals get hit with a disaster where they were living, they move from that spot and find a safer location, and very seldom return to the major disaster area. Not Us! We will ask God! Why is this happening to me?

And God, would most likely say, that mountain have landslides. Earth has earthquakes, tornados, and the waters rise, and fall. Hurricanes are all natural events that occurred here on Earth that I have made for you.

I never told you where to live on the Earth, but I did give you brains to use common sense. I also remind people, that it is said, that of all the only species that blush, or needs too, are humans.

Also, most animals do not waste resources, or kill for sport. They also do not race to get from one place to another like we do. I think what humans need, is more humility, and less intelligence that we think we have.

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