08 February, 2012

The Question was Asked How Do You Propose To Reform Our Largest Entitlement Programs...

How do you propose to reform our largest entitlement programs ... medicare, medicaid, and social security so that they can be financially sustained beyond the baby boom bubble that is the predominant driver of future deficits?
These Seven Solutions I proposed, would solve the defect problem,save Entitlementprograms, and sustained beyond the baby boom bubble.
Warning!Getting involved with other nation's political problems, and trying to changetheir Government to a democracy, or tell other nations what they can and cannotdo; will null and void these solutions to save America. We will follow theexact path of the Roman Empire, America; have been stepping in the same Bloody,Power Hungry, Upper Class,” Immoral footsteps, since Nineteen Sixties, startingwith Vietnam.

These are the things Charles Harvey, Presidential Candidate-2012,would do to solve the problems addressed in the question ask below, and Listedon Americans Elect-2012, under Reform questions.

Step One.

Stay out of all foreign political and culturalconflicts.

Step Two.
Take a military defense posture not the aggressor. Only attackwhen we are attacked.

Step Three.
Cut the military budget in half.
Cut NASA budget in half.
We do not need to find water 30 light years from Earth. We need tosolve the problem of 1 out six humans do not have clean drinking water.

Step Four.
Cut Congress benefits given to them and their family,even if they serve one term in office.

Every member of congress, of both Houses, will travel coach whenthey fly, unless they want to fly. Congress members of the Senate, and House ofRepresentatives, will be given a new economical car. If they want a chauffeuror limousine, they can pay for it. Almost half of Congress is millionaires.

Step Five.
Control outsourcing jobs, and manufacturing, to foreigncountries.

Step Six.
Stop off-shore banking. Americans lose $60 billion, ayear in taxes.

Step Seven.
American corporations will pay taxes, even GE that net-profits, wasin the billions for 2010-2011. They paid no taxes.

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  1. Step 2 I don't like. We should be able to attack before their airplans get off the ground,and ships attack from the sea,and hit the USA.thats why we have special opt,CIA,