07 February, 2012

Organic Farming and Bad Appointments by Obama

I was ask what I thought about...
Organic Farming
If people care about the environment and nature itself, then Organic farming is the way to go. If people really prefer a healthier diet, then organic food is the answer. Also organic farming is profitable while producing a quality product that is good for people and nature.  Remember, that standard farming brings in around $5Billion a year, If you have the illegal farmers to pick the crops. Get rid of the Latino farm workers and 90% of crops will go to waste. Thousands of jobs were offered to work in the fields and only a handful of legal Caucasian citizens, accepted the hard work, even during the recession. The negative things you hear about organic farming is pure propaganda from big corporations like Monsanto that are:
Obama Appoints Monsanto's VP as Senior Advisor to the Commissioner FDA
 Monsanto don't actually farm, but supply farmers, and have a devastating effect on farms.

1.    Generating massive greenhouse gas pollution (CO2, methane, nitrous oxide) and global warming, while promoting false solutions such as industrial bio fuels, so-called drought-resistant crops, and genetically engineered trees

2.    Polluting the environment and the soil-food web with pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and persistent toxins, including dioxin

3.    Draining and polluting wetlands and aquifers, turning farmland into desert

4.    Poisoning wells and municipal drinking water, lakes, and rivers

5.    Chopping down the rainforests for monoculture GMO crops, biofuels and cattle grazing

6.    Increasing the cost of food, while reducing nutrition and biodiversity

7.    Spawning pesticide-resistant superbugs and weeds, and antibiotic-resistant bacteria

8.    Generating new and more virulent plant, animal and human diseases

9.    Utilizing wasteful fossil fuel-intensive practices and encouraging the expansion of natural gas fracking and tar sands extraction (which destroy forests, aquifers, and farmland)

10. Stealing money from the 99 percent to give huge subsidies to the 1 percent wealthiest, most chemical and energy-intensive farms and food producers

Non organic farm owners have taken advantage of this law by dividing an existing farm into several separate farms and then having its workers collect a separate subsidy for each farm. A case in point is Tyler Farms in Arkansas, which collected $23.8 million in farm subsidies between 1996 and 2000 (the largest amount granted to any farm in America) by dividing itself into 66 legally separate "corporations" to maximize its farm subsidies

Agriculture Companies

more You can find a list of many of the top Agriculture companies in the world, with corporate logos. This list of major Agriculture companies includes the largest and most profitable Agriculture businesses, corporations and firms in this industry. All companies on this list of notable Agriculture firms are shown alphabetically.

Friday, 19 August 2011 08:30

Think about that, appointing a Vice-president, of a company that produces the most toxic substance to farmers, our food, and our land; to give advice to the Food and Drug Administration. Like a farmer putting a fox in the hen house to protect the hens. Let me ask a question? Do you think that the increase of Cancer in American may be as a result of these toxic agents used in our food products?

Big Corporations and Big Money control the Majority of America, The “middle class,” and the “working class.” Like the fact you never seeing me on TV as a presidential candidate, from the “middle class,” because Media is controlled by The “Big Six” media corporations, that want money and big corporations in power.

That is why we need a "middle class," president. If the "middle class," and the college students and graduates do not get off their asterisk, the youth of today, will not have a tomorrow. Myself, if president would not make several mistakes that president Obama made, and I voted for him. I would not appoint people to any commissions or Departments that have a bias or connections to the area they will have authority in. Such as the Monsanto appointment I mentioned above. Nor would I have appointed former Wall St. executives, to position of decisions regarding Wall Street, and Financing. Also, I would not appoint GE's Immelt, as head of the competitiveness council. GE earned$14.2 billion in profits in 2010, and paid no taxes. GE moved their X-ray Corporation to China and gave them $2 Billion. GE is a leader of American corporations that lay off American workers and outsources jobs and manufacturing.

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