09 February, 2012

Gulf of Mexico? Try 'Gulf of America' Lets Be Fair to Mexico, and Cuba

Gulf of Mexico? Try 'Gulf of America'

First, there were Freedom Fries.

"So, of course, it makes sense that someone somewhere would try this – renaming the “Gulf of Mexico,” what else – the “Gulf of America.”

That’s exactly what Mississippi state Rep. D. Stephen Holland, a Democrat, is proposing.
According to a bill he introduced in the Mississippi Legislature, as of July 1, 2012, H.B. 150  is an act to provide that for all official purposes within the state of Mississippi, the body of water located directly South of Hancock, Harrison and Jackson counties shall be known as the ‘Gulf of America."
The bill is now before the Marine Resources Committee and is expected to get a hearing. It was referred to the committee Tuesday.Holland’s office could not be reached for comment."

Well, thoses politicians are never short on egos and grandiousity, and they want it all.

First the facts are tha,t "The Gulf of Mexico (Spanish: Golfo de México) is a partially landlocked[1] ocean basin largely surrounded by the North American continent and the island of Cuba."

So to be fair, and knowing our American politician's, always want to be fair, because we are a "Nation under God."

So, Mississippi's State Rep. D. Stephen Holland, a Democrat, Try eating some humble pie, you may like it, Most politician's hate it.
So to be fair to all countries in and around the "Gulf of Mexico,"
I propose we divide it up as indicated on the 3 D Map below:

                                                   The Gulf of Mexico in 3D perspective

                                                          Click on picture to enlarge

Only one newspaper in American covered my running, as a "Middle Class," Presidential Candidate-The Daily Herald, Roanoke Rapids, NC: the article,

The "upper Class" politicians in power and the media do not want the "middle class."Seeing one of their own, they have the power to put them in office."Middle Class," is 72 Percent of the population, they can put the first "middle-class" president in the White House.
You can see what I stand for, and what problems America faces. I research and give facts, not propaganda.

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