12 February, 2012

"Middle Class" Must Love Being Governed by"Upper Class," and Manipulated by the Media

Media refuses to give Air Time to Charles Harvey, presidential candidate-2012, from the "middle
Class." The alleged American Media is like China, whereas the leaders of the communist control the Media, as what their people see, read, or hear; in America the media and "upper class," control what the "Middle Class," reads, sees, and hears.

The media, and the "upper class, do not want the "middle class," seeing one of their own running for president, because they have the Power to vote a "middle class" president in office, as they represent 72 percent of Americas population. The Media, and the wealthy, are destroying America. The Media not only helps the wealthy politician, but is worse than a politician.

The United States Constitution states I’m qualified to run for President. The Constitutions does not say American has to be ruled by the wealthy “upper class,” only the wealthy, and the media say that. The “middle class” allows them to be manipulated and controlled by the media, and do nothing about it.
The “middle class” went nuts, when Bank of America was going to raise ATM service fees to $5.00, and Verizon was charging a $2.00 service charge. They raised hell, and stopped them.
 However, letting the media, only interviewing wealth, “upper class,” politicians, well-funded by special interest groups; and denying interviews of “middle class” candidates, is just fine with the Americans living on “Main Street.”

They wonder why nothing has been done for the “working class, and the middle class,” for over Forty Years. American will continue to fall like the Roman Empire, as we are following them in the same bloody footsteps, taking care of the elite and military dominance.

Please take the time to sign the three petitions, below, if you believe a well-educated “middle class,” presidential candidate, should be interviewed by CNN free, as the do the wealthy “upper class,” politicians. If you believe I have the right to have my name of the ballot. The third petition is having a bill passed, that will take part of the members of Congress, salary to go to feed the homeless, the poor, and hungry children, in their own states.




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