10 February, 2012


WOW, I did not know Bill Gates had a lot of influence to get the FBI to do a 191-page document, investigating Steve Jobs. I know our Government investigates most all wealthy Americans, in the name of Homeland Security. I wonder how much that High Priority cost the Taxpayers. However, I know it was worth every Penney to keep us safe. We all can sleep better now. Oh. Wait, Steve died so the treat is gone. "God Bless America."

Only one newspaper in American covered my running, The Daily Herald, Roanoke Rapids, NC: the article,
The "upper Class" politicians in power and the media do not want the "middle class," seeing one of their own because they are 72 Percent of the population, they can put the first "middle-class" president in the White House.
You can see what I stand for, and what problems America faces. I research and give facts, not propaganda.
This is the blog with the most information regarding politics, the media, the games, and propaganda.
Presidential websites

This is the site with Three petitions I have been trying to get signed.
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