31 January, 2012


          "Middle Class"               "Upper Class"

                                         Social Worker                                        Lawyer
                                         Non-Profit                                              For Profit
                                         Community Volunteer                           Politician
                                         Abandoned and abusive childhood        Healthy Childhood
                                         lived on the streets 33 Years ago           Always had a home
                                         Recovering Alcoholic since 2/22/79      not an alcoholic
                                         Anti-Foreign interference                       For Foreign interference
                                         Not for funding the Middle East.            For funding the Middle East.
                                         $350.Billion to Wall Street                     $700. Billion to Wall Street
                                         $3.5 Billion in Loans to Homeowners    -0- to homeowners from 7.0B
                                         Pull all Troops from Middle East-NOW Will continue military conflicts
                                         Nation Building is here in American       Nation Building is Foreign only
                                         acquire clean water on Earth                    Looks for water on other Planets.
                                         Close Department of Education               Thinks it is good.

* Since forming the DOE, with 5,000 employees, American has dropped from first place in e world the World. U.S. ranked 14Th in reading, 17Th in science and 25Th in math.

                                              556          547        522

Korea did at Half the cost American spent on education. All other countries above us spent are less than American. And every election we ask for more money.

It is like Two cowboys in a shootout.

one Cowboy had the most expensive gun made in the world, and the other cowboy fixed an old cheap gun that was broken, that he found. The shots were fired, and the cowboy with the most expensive gun was shot dead center through his forehead.

So it is not important to have the most expensive gun, if you do not know how to use it. If you do not understand my comparison of the guns to America's educational system, find someone from Korea to explain it to you.

"The gauntlet has been tossed"

I am going to challenge the president of the United States, to a Debate.

We both had a great education, with honors.

President Obama

Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law School.

Undergraduate degree in political science from Columbia University.

Presidential Candidate, Charles Harvey-2012

Masters Degree Wayne State University.

Advanced Standing. 3.5-4.0 G.P.A.

Bachelors of Science University of Detroit.

Cum Laude 3.5-4.0 GPA.

Associate of Arts Oakland Community College.

Cum Laude 3.5-4.0 GPA.

We, both in our own way, helped people to help themselves to better their lives. However, my work was 90% pro bono. That was possible by the support of my deceased wife that believed in my causes. She always believed in Don Quixote.

The challenge to the president is to show if he really cares for America and the lower classes; or is his ego, and love for power, greater than his heart and conscious. If a person really thinks about it, how can he say no to a member of the "middle class," that is a presidential candidate; that has been denied all access to the media, except for the Daily Herald? That just made me think of, "The little engine that could."

I would like to get my challenge to the media, and to the president's staff. I was hoping for a one hour debate.
How we would change America, and help the "middle class." How we would balance the budget. I want to discuss President Obama, first biggest mistake, saving all of "Wall Street," and not saving just the most important, and taking half of billions of dollars, we gave to Wall Street, and save millions of homes and families for the American people. To make loans to the people, to help on their mortgages, and to be repaid in low interest, as the president did for GM, but failed to help "main street, USA.

If President Obama desires, he can invite the Two GOP candidates, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, alias: "Moon Man and Empty Suit.”

Think about it, how he can the president say no, without looking terrible, to the "working class," and the "middle class voters." If David could take down the Giant, Then why is it not possible for a "middle Class," Presidential Candidate, to meet the giant on the battlefield of reality, a public televised debate? President Obama should remember: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."(FDR) This would be Historical. It would show the United States Constitution is still alive.

"The gauntlet has been tossed"
I am going to challenge the president of the United States, to a Debate.

A final note, that brings shame, to both the American Media, and embarrassment to the writers of the United States Constitution. As a presidential Candidate, from the "middle class," Only one American Media source covered my bid to become President of the United States,  That was the Daily Herald, in Roanoke Rapids, NC.

Since my announcement to run for president, March, 3, 2011, I have spend about $1.000 dollars, paid out of my $2100.00 Monthly Social Security check. As a novice I had to learn how to make a professional presidential video, that cost me around $80.00 for an app, and a month to learn. I have written hundreds of blogs to share the truth to the "middle class," that is 72 percent of our population. We need one of our own in the Oval office if we ever are going to save American and the people on "main Street," and those that literally live on the streets with no home and many children go hungry.

There is nothing written in the Constitution that says that we have to be ruled by the "upper class."

Charles Harvey, Presidential Candidate-2012
375 East End Ave Littleton, NC 27850
Cell: 252-676-5184
email: charleseharvey@live.com

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