03 February, 2012

Who caused the economic collapse?



The question was asked by Lenore Palladino:

“Who caused the economic collapse?”

The American Voters caused the economic collapse?

The always vote the wealthy politician into office, that helps, and lets, the wealthy do what they want. Americans bought homes they could not afford, and live beyond their means. They have a serious economical disease called, “Credititus.” Yes wall street are crooks, but the American voters put the “upper class” crooks in Congress, that allow the wall streets crooks to operate, and the special interest groups to pay for what they want congress to do. The solution put in the first non-wealthy, well educated, “middle class,” president. Demand that the media, give equal free media to the non-wealthy presidential candidates, as they do the wealthy “upper class,” politicians. Tell them you want to see Charles Harvey on TV, to see what he has to say and offer. He will be representing 72% of American population. American’s we proud they put in the first Afro-American President in several hundred years, how exciting would it be to put the first president from the “middle class,” for the “middle class.”
. http://charlesharveyforpresident.com/
Political gurus, have created political buzzwords, for those ones beliefs in political governing. That way when we want to point fingers and Blame people for problems in America, we can say the problems are caused by “right wingers,” left wingers” or conservative, non-conservative, etc. But point one finger at any person or object around you. Now pointing, please notice three of your fingers are pointing back at you. If you want to name a group that is the responsible for “middle class problems, they are a big part of the problem brought on America and the “middle class.” Yes I am in the lower “middle class, “because I live on $2023.00 a month Social Security that could be cut by the “upper class.” Most of the voters always put in office. The “middle class.” is 72% of our population. Americans had a Two Party system since 1887, when we had the last, what Americans labeled, the “Independent” Party. So the Two Party system ran well on “Main Street” America, until around 1980, when the wealthiest and the “upper class,” and special interest groups, brought money into politics Big Time. The White House, and the Senate, seats have been bought. Look what was spent on last elections. Both, the Oval office and the Senators seats, 82% of the Senators that won, had the most money. Two Hundred and Fifty Two Members, in Congress are millionaires, and all Congresses is filled with “upper Class,” that the “Middle Class,” put in Congress. So let me cut to the chase.
1. Majority Americans have voted down Party lines.
2. “middle class” always votes in wealthy “upper class,” that spend a fortune on video advertisement, research staff to find out what the “middle class” want to hear, and they believe their *BS propaganda.
Watch on cable the special: “Boss” that will show you how the game is played, and how they manipulate the voters.
3. The “Big Six” Media Corporations control all that the American people see, hear, or read. Time Warner is one of the “Big Six” Media Corporations, and they own CNN, and GE. Is the largest shareholder of Time Warmer, GE is America’s oldest corporation that makes billions in profits and pay no taxes. IE.
I have been a candidate for president of the United State since March 3, 2011. Have you seen me on TV, or in any form of American media? No. I meet all the requirements to run for president according to the Constitution. Maybe you have heard of it. It is not followed that much anymore, and when used it is often modified. For example the media believes in freedom of speech for presidential candidates from the “upper class” politicians that are well funded with backing from special interest groups, and most millionaires now do you understand why you have not seen or heard of Charles Harvey, for President 2012, nor any other “Middle Class” candidates. What is the “middle class” doing about having coverage of one of their own? Not a thing. However, they are great at complaining and terrible at voting. I wanted to be in the presidential debates. To prove to the “middle class,” I could be a commonsense president from the “middle class,” for the “middle class,” but I cannot because they, the Media, will only allow presidential candidates with a Minimum of 4% in the polls to be in the debate. So if you’re not a wealthy politician from the “upper class” you do not get media coverage, thus no debate, thus, a “Catch 22. I have listed petitions I hope to have signed.
Three petitions I would appreciate you’re signing them. Thank you.
See my website, read my blogs, and ask yourself why, Charles Harvey cannot receive any media coverage.


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