30 January, 2012


Fox News, accuses the new Muppet Movie of bashing the oil industry, and oil that is so preciously needed by our families and America. Fox is upset that they portrayed an oil executive from Texas as evil. So, it seems they based it on a true story. I wonder which rich evil oil person from Texas they are talking about.

"Of course, it's no coincidence that so many members of Congress consistently defend tax loopholes for Big Oil. Oil companies spend millions of dollars pressuring Congress to keep their taxpayer-funded subsidies intact. They've already spent $40 million on lobbying so far this year, and of all the oil and gas lobbying spenders in 2011, four of the Big Five oil companies—ConocoPhillips, Shell Exxon Mobil, and Chevron—claimed the top four spots. These companies have also donated $745,000 to congressional campaigns so far in the 2012 election cycle, with 93 percent of that total going to Republican candidates. "http://www.americanprogress.org/issues/2011/07/big_oil_q2.html/

But Fox does community based services. For example, it is rumored that they hire only former mental patients that have be rehabilitated. They help them get a new start in life that most companies hesitate to hire former mental patients. Fox also found that the Paranoid Schizophrenic’s have great imagination. That hiring mental patients with dissociative identity disorder, DSM-IV, The DSM-II used the term multiple personality disorder, it is like hiring four people in one. They are great at multitasking. Also, found that those that are excelled in basket weaving 101, were well-organized, and could put things together. But God Bless Fox news for existing, or there would be no Jon Stewart Show, he is my favorite guy. Jon has more knowledge, facts, and truth than the entire staff at Fox news, and all the Members of Congress.

It's time, for the "middle class" to move into the Oval Office. I am that man that can, from the "middle class," and for the "middle class." 

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