29 January, 2012

Presidential Candidates That Are Happy Warriors Will Win

Great, I just heard the political experts say. that the presidential candidates, that are the happy warriors, will win. Happy warriors, is another way of saying Propagandizes. The voters eat the manure, and ask for more.

Top Two Candidates

 Mitt Romney-Newt Gingrigrich.
Mitt is a man in a empty suit, but a very expensive suit. I predict, Mitt will decrease taxes for the wealthy, based on it creates" jobs. A lie, that has not worked since Reagan in the Eighties.

They will continue raising their war saber against, Iran, Palestinians, Cuba. Mitt and Newt love war, and world domination, as most members of the GOP Party. They are willing to sacrifice the "middle class, and "lower class, lives, and money to keep the war machine going.

 They tell voters, work hard like they did, and they can be wealthy. Well, that got the voters to go back, for a third helping of propaganda manure.

Newt Gingrich, will create jobs on the moon, A colony that will have manufacturing, and tourism. This gave great hope for all the homeless.families, with hungry children,

 I wonder how many box tops off cereal boxes that Newt had to send in to get his free Phd?

Then, both will make changes to Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare; all programs that all congress, and the "upper class, and the one Percent, do not need.

Newt is a hawk,  like Mitt Romney, and will continue, to interfere with Foreign Nation, and continue wars, to accomplish world dominance, following Dick Cheney's policy that he wrote, for a plan for World dominance.

Bush and Cheney wanted a war, and 9-11 gave them the excuse.

 Both Mitt and Newt, are brave warrior, that are not afraid to spill the blood of American Soldiers, and Civilian deaths.

They, just do not want blood to get on their expensive designer suits. Both will add to the Military budget that is First in the world, but only 600 Percent ahead of China's military budget that is Second. Nothing, absolutely nothing, in America will get better, until you put one of your own in the White House. A candidate from the "middle class," 72 Percent of America's population.

Get CNN to interview Charles Harvey, a "middle class," presidential Candidate-2012. Sign Please sign the petitions:

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