21 October, 2011

Time For A Middle-Class Man That Can For The People and by The People.


Cell: 252.676.5184

Charles Harvey announced his bid for the presidency April 3rd, 2011. He has posted over 135 blogs throughout the Internet, including directly to CNN and other news media. HE has not had one reply from any media since 4-3-2011.
Why? Because he is from the middle of "middle-Class" The "big six" media corporation only give, time to the wealthy” upper-class." Charles lives on $2023.00 a month social security.
The white House and Congress has been sold to the wealthy.
The media corporations like Time Warner/CNN have helped the wealthy control, the government. Time for a change. We need a "middle-class" man that can be president and make commonsense decisions.


Charles made his first video at home at a cost of $40.00

"I have to live for others and not for myself: that's middle-class morality."
George Bernard Shaw
Please sign my petition to  have CNN interview me.

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