20 October, 2011

The Journey of the Two Leaves

I watched two leaves that shared a branch for almost two seasons.

They seemed as compatible as their motions seemed to move together in the summer and fall breeze. The onset of winter started blowing her cold breath over the two tender and quivering leaves. The one day it happened.......The two leaves fell from the branch at the exact moment. I was both fascinated and enchanted as I watched what seemed to be two lovers desperately trying to reach out to embrace one another one brief moment before they lay on the earth for their end. Two times, they touched all as briefly as my heart fluttered with excitement that they may cling together for their final hour. However just before they touched the ground....The cold winter breeze divided the two lovers. Each lay only inches from one another as they gave a final movement as though they were reaching and crying out for one another. I stood at the window hoping that maybe one more breeze would bring the lovers together, but that was not to happen, as I brushed away a tear from the corner of my eye. I thought of us darling and wondered if the cold winter breeze of destiny had blown us apart. Were we like the two leaves that shared only a short time on the branch of life, to be plucked off by the God of all seasons? Are we also to lay on this Earth so close and yet not close enough to Touch?

I wanted to go out into the cold winter night and lay the two leaves together, but I could not, for that would have interfered with their destiny. Will the winds of destiny bring us together, or shall we lie apart for eternity? I looked out the window to see the soft white blanket of snow cover the two leaves as they seem to be asleep. I shall close the blinds now and turn out the lights, but my thoughts and dreams will be of us darling, and of the journey of the two leaves.

Charles Harvey

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