04 June, 2011

America Is Owned And Run By The Wrong Class

The "upper class," that is .5% of Population owns America. The "Middle Class" consists of 72% of Population. Congress, with a total number in both Houses, consist of 535 members with 261 members being Millionaires and control the "middle class" So for God Sake do not give a retired well educated candidate for President 2012, that is from "middle class" and living on Social Security that would care for the "middle class and the unemployed. A man putting America before Foreign Countries?
The "middle class" seems to accept the verbal BS and empty promises.They will tell us that they Love American and, it is the greatest nation on earth. It should be since most candidates will be millionaires that live well. The politicians have not been able to see or hear or care for the" middle class" since Franklin D. Roosevelt.
So do not pick anyone from the "middle class" or do not vote, because they think it is a waste of time.

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