02 June, 2011

Some Care More For Space and Weapons and Pork Over "Middle Class"

I loved space since a little boy and still do; "However, Americans are struggling to pay bills find work and find alternate fuel and energy sources. Now is not the time to search for alien life in space or search for an inhabitable planet 20 to 50 light years away. until we can reach the speed of light; 186,282.397 Miles per second in a vacuum. Man will never reach the speed of light. To give you an idea how fast the speed of light is; If we could do the speed of light it would take us less that 2 seconds to reach the moon. "http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/1655089/posts"
I think God created the speed of light to keep us earth people from reaching other inhabitable planets considering what we have done to "the earth. Americas infrastructure is crumbling in every State. In American some people what to spend billions of dollars to see what is out there.
I suggest since they humans came from the stars and are part of those atoms, wait till you die you will return to the stars and see everything.
Amazing all the scientific achievements NASA has made. Amazing all the state of the art technology the military has created to destroy as well as protect lives. Our military spends 57% of all total expenditures by all other countries and way ahead of China and Russia.

But we do not have the brains to find alternate fuel and energy. Sorry, but i care about America's first, the "middle class" and the "homeless" as well as the "unemployed".
But you that put a space before humans well being, I suggest you book a ticket on the next space ship going to the moon at a cost of 3 Billion dollars approved by all the upper class politicians that love space, pork and weapons. No Presidents in the last 100 or more years have been from the middle class;

 what has been done for the American people? Except for one "upper class" President, Franklin D. Roosevelt. That is why we need a "middle Class" President that will see the people, work for the people, and by the people; and put those in American before other foreign countries. To stay out of Muslim countries, as well has put space and military on hold. Space will wait, and we have enough weapons to destroy all enemies except for the terrorist. We are world leaders in space and weapons, but we own 14 billion dollars to other countries and borrow billions from China and japan.

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