30 May, 2011

I Want To Thank All The Presidents And Politicians

I'm going to thank all the presidents and politicians that sent armed men and woman into Muslim countries, to have so many killed and crippled by making the wrong decisions in getting the terrorist. The decision makers should have asked the Navy seal six to help get a few hundred terrorist. The U.S.sending tens of thousands of troops into evil Muslim nations, that caused death of Americans and allied troops and leaving so many civilians deaths and homeless, because presidents and politicians cause unnecessary conflicts by going into Muslim countries just like bin laden wanted. I saluted all the soldier that followed the Presidents and Congress orders who wear fashionable clothes and eat well and sleep well. I honour all those in the services that died or lost body parts as well as their loved ones and families that will be heart broken for years. All will remain in my heart and prayers. WWII America had to be in and made the world proud of America. So to all the presidents and statesman that approved going into Afghanistan, Iraq, and giving trillions of America dollars to Muslim nations, I would like to say: Shame! May the blood stains on the hands of the legislators make them better decisions for America and think more. Politicians make war and Americans die. Get out of all Muslim nations now! and stop paying bribes to them. May Gods angels accept all soldiers and their families give them some peace and love as they soar though the clouds of life challenges before them.

Please Americans do not let the rich get the White House again. We had 41 former politicians as presidents, are the "middle class" Americans sure they want another politician as president? Remember all middle class that make up 72% of Americas people can out vote the wealthy Americans that only makeup 4% of the people that make $200,000 up, to the richest 400 that have more money than 150 million Americans.

Charles Harvey may be an unknown person to many; But he is well educated and would be a President "For The People and By the people". He lives in an old house that is his spring, summer, fall and winter home. Living on Social Security that has been running for President 2012 since March 3.2011. The media will not give Charles Harvey the time of day.

Is that why the media will not give him any coverage. He is unknown to many, but they do not know that he is "The Unknown Man That Can".

PS. his car in the background is a 1992 Jeep. I know it is so embarrassing!

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