29 May, 2011

Fareed Zakaria of GPS/CNN Asked: How the American dream went global.

Well the middle class did not do it!
Middle class had dreams around 1979,
But politicians failed them.Corporations out sourced American jobs.
Corporations out sourced Manufacturing to foreign counties.
Corporations avoid paying taxes like GE.Corporations set up off shore banking.US could have have made 20 year repayment At 5% interest and paid their mortgage paymentsUp to 12. Months, if 3 months behind that would be Paid leaving them 9 months left. The do not have to use all 12 months.U.S. Would hire unemployed workers to process paper work And payments out of 700!bilious given to fat cats on wall street.
Our banks have already foreclosed on millions of homes And have millions more to foreclose and our politicians and Presidents took our dream and left s nightmare. And the middle class that voteAnd poor that can or do vote will do what the always do and have out of 41 presidential Election, pick a former politician instead of a non politician well educated
Living on Social security that lives among the middle class, sees and hears the middle class and will help them I swear on Gods Name I will save America That is mostly middle class that makes up 72% of ourPopulation.

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