12 May, 2011


Budget cuts Solved, Human Benifits Saved.

Your Welcome GOP, I am happy to help the American People

I have saved the American people buy cutting waste from  Non-Essential items for the next Three to Five years they are:   Space, Military and Pork  with out cutting Taking Care of People serving or served and their families in Military service.


I have suggest cutting: 3.0 Billion from Ear-Marks-Pork  for, 4.8 Billion         Cut  ( 3.0 Billion)
- Some of the earmark money was used for road construction
- Some of the earmark money was used for revitalization
- Some of the earmark money was used for a sewer upgrade




  4.0 Billion on Space ship to moon and back. (5 year Moratorium)           Cut (9.0 Billion)
  5.0 Billion from NASA Main Budget 2012   (3 year Moratorium)
NASA 4 billion for a new heavy-lift launch vehicle and crew capsule Congress says the agency must build by 2016.



The President’s Budget for fiscal 2012 includes $113.1   -------------->              Cut ( 30.0 Billion)
billion for procurement and $75.3 ---------------------------------------->               Cut ( 20.0 Billion)
billion for research, development, test, and evaluation
(RDT&E). Among the highlights

I believe What the Military needs now is:

Taking Care of People
The fiscal 2012 budget includes $142.8 billion in military
personnel funding for the pay
and allowances of 2.3 million service members. The budget
request also supports personnel
through the $204.4 billion operation and maintenance (O&M)
funding for readiness, training,
support for base operating costs, and administrative and
headquarters costs. The request reflects
the department’s highest priority, which is to provide
support for DOD people, whose service
ensures the security of the United States and its interests.
The President’s Budget for fiscal 2012 includes the following
Pay Raise. The fiscal 2012 budget includes a military basic
pay increase of 1.6 percent.
The pay raise is equal to the full increase in the Employment
Cost Index, as prescribed by law,
and it will keep military pay in line with raises in the
private sector.
BAH / BAS. Under the budget, Basic Allowance for Housing
(BAH) will increase 4.2
percent, and Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) will
increase 3.4 percent.
Military Health Care. The fiscal 2012 budget request includes
$52.5 billion to fully fund
the military health system (including $32.2 billion for the
Defense Health Program), which
currently serves 9.6 million eligible beneficiaries -- active
duty service members and their families, military retirees and their families, dependent
survivors, and certain eligible reserve
component members and their families. The proposed budget
continues to fund the highest
quality care and service, while supporting the department’s
ongoing effort to manage costs
Care for Wounded Warriors. Recognizing that the department
has no greater concern
than to care for wounded, ill, and injured (WII)
service-members, the fiscal 2012 budget includes
page 2
$2.3 billion for ongoing initiatives for the care and support
of WII and their families. Of this
amount, $415 million provides for continued support of vital
research involving psychological
health, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and traumatic brain
injuries, as well as prosthetics, vision
and hearing loss, and other conditions resulting from current
Military Family Support Programs. Recognizing the
unprecedented demands that have
strained the All-Volunteer Force and military families since
2001, the department supports the
“President’s Initiative Supporting Military Families,”
announced on Jan. 14, 2011. DOD is
requesting $8.3 billion (base) for a variety of family
support programs that are critical to morale
and the well-being of service members and their families.
Funds are included for child care and
youth programs, community support activities, family support
centers, spouse employment, and
DOD Education Activity (DoDEA) schools that educate the
children of service members in 12
countries and 7 states, Porto Rico, and Guam.
Build and Sustain Excellent Facilities. The fiscal 2012
budget requests $12.5 billion for
military construction, $0.6 billion for BRAC-related
caretaker and environmental restoration
expenses, and $1.7 billion for family housing. The fiscal
2012 budget also continues the department’s plan begun in fiscal 2011 to replace and
recapitalize more than half of the 194 DOD
schools. For fiscal 2012, the military construction
investment for DOD schools is $550 million,
which will replace or modernize 15 schools.
Support Current
I believe what we do not need for 5 years, we do not need
Current Wars and Modernize for the Future

Support Current Wars and Modernize for the Future
The fiscal 2012 budget continues the effort to seek a better
balance in the U.S. defense
posture -- between the risks America faces and limited
resources, and between capabilities
needed for current conflicts and those needed for future
wars. To that end, the administration has
acted decisively to prioritize the weapons and systems that
DOD buys. The objective has been to
end troubled programs and to achieve a better balance between
capabilities needed to succeed in
the current or most likely conflicts and capabilities needed
to prepare for possible future


Charles Harvey is a candidate for President 2012

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