13 May, 2011

Media Fails To Give Middle Class Presidential Candidate A Chance

Charles Harvey, The Unknown man That Can from the middle class
 cannot get any coverage about him running for president in  2012?
             Lives on Social Security
             From middle class-72@ of Population
             Not a Politician
            ( like all 44 presidents were before being elected)
             Not funded by Big Money
             No special interest groups backing him
             No Crazy or real Funny or Big Mouth like Trump
              Did not write a book
             More Independent than being part of the 2 party system majority
             ( they say an independent president could not get the 2 party system
             to work together, I ask when is the last time the 2 sides have worked                    
             together other that getting Americans into 2 wars we should have never been in)

             So! like most all Presidents elected since the Sixties, the media will help
             the candidate with the most money buy the White House
             My website: http://charlesharveyforpresident.com/
             My Blog: http://charliebigfeet.blogspot.com/

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