11 May, 2011

Noam Chomsky Shamefully Defends bin Laden

This was the head lines on Breaking from Newsmax.com by Alan Dershowitz who goes on to say:

"Noam Chomsky has shown his true colors in his recently published “reaction” to the targeted killing of Osama bin Laden. He apparently thinks Osama bin Laden is the innocent victim of a cold-blooded murder that is worse than if George W. Bush were to be assassinated in his “compound.”"

And Alan Dershowitz is upset or should I say outraged at Noam Chomsky comparing the same done to Bush as we did to bin ladin. To think Alan Dershowitz a famous lawyer,should remember people can have their own view and we believe in free speech. So why Alan Dershowitz be so upset when Noam Chomsky expresses a view of comparing Bush to bin laden when it is a fact Bush got American into To Wars on the misinformation to the American Public the Al Quida was trained and or base in those 2 countries when in fact it looks like bin laden was at home in Pakistan for years our close allied that we give billions of dollars to help them and help find bin laden. Bush also cost over 300, 000 civilians lives in those 2 countries, Not counting the American and allied soldiers lives that is also in the several thousands of lives.But Alan Dershowitz believes as all of us that bin laden was evil, but as a result of Bushes deceptions and propaganda to the Americans and the world does not make him a candidate for Saint hood. So Alan Dershowitz, disregard all opinions that do not agree with you. Ask yourself who killed the most people as a result of their leadership?

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