22 May, 2011

Charles Harvey responds to Herman Cains running for President GOP

Herman Cain:

“I was raised in Atlanta, Georgia by loving and hardworking parents. We grew up poor, but we grew up happy. Things weren't always easy, but my mom and dad knew that if they kept their faith in God, faith in themselves and their faith in the greatest country in the world, they, too, could achieve their American Dream.” http://www.hermancain.com/inner.asp?z=1

My baby sister and myself at age 4 were abandoned by an alcoholic mother and father. I also no knew hunger and sever abuse as a child through teenage years. I had no faith in myself for many years. I had no dreams back then only nightmares. I thought the only God was a cruel one. But I learned he helped me through my childhood and made me stronger. I believe he helped my survive skid row in my twenties and last time 1979 We I sought help for a serious alcoholism problem. My last drink was Feb.22, 1979. .The reason I am writing about Mr. Herman Cain is because of the one line he said above in his quote para praising:. faith in the greatest country in the world, I love America but like myself I do an honest inventor of myself. That is how you can improve.Most react to my inventory of America people say :well if you don't like it leave" Nice uh.. Mr Cain and others please go to read my article "You Judge American " http://charliebigfeet.blogspot.com/2011/05/you-judge-american.html And I only talked about only the last few years not our history of racism and bigotry and greed. Click his link he look great in expensive suit and tie. Aslo he is asking for money I am not, he has a staff I am the staff, Mu cost $2,000 total. His video and scropts done progessioanlly or he write what he is going to say. I have mad a few talking viedos free on You Tube that is real. Almost completed my first professional viedo with background and music like the big guys. cost nothing. A lady that does voice overs for well know people like my sight and said she would do the voice over free. When done you wil lsee who it is and see her resume.

Mr. Cain campaign motto: " Let Get Real" I found that ironic since he did not sould real like coming rrom his heart, I saw lots of self-pride and ego and that is the average poltiican. Mr. Cain and
Newt Gingrich, Barack Obama, Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, John Bolton, Charlie Crist, Mitch Daniels, Lindsey Graham, Joh Hutsman, Sarah Palin, Haley Barbour, Mike Bloomberg, Scott Brown, Jeb Bush, Christie, Jim DeMint, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, Bob McDonnell, Mike Pence, David Petraeus, Marco Rubio, John Thune, Donald Trunp. Received free media. I, Unknow middle class living on Social Security have not received any and I had anouched on the internet and you Tube on March 3, 2011 03:33 PM   in my robe sitting in my easy chair recording on my cell phone.Is that getting real. My first comment was from a Dave, "
Mr. Harvey, "looking into your heart" and then suddenly coming to the conclusion that you have the qualifications to be President is without doubt the biggest Dry Drunk Thought you may have had since May whatever, 1979 @ 5:55 PM. My God, we're in enough trouble without bubble headed loons like you, sitting around in terrycloth bathrobes even considering doing anything more complex than putting on a pair of pants. GO TO ONE OF YOUR MEETINGS---- FAST!!! GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     Website:           http://charlesharveyforpresident.com/

Listed on:               http://2012.presidential-candidates.org/

                             Please note I'm not in my robe this time
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                             Charles E. Harvey to run for President of the United States

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