14 May, 2011

You Judge American

                   You Judge American





But when you judge America remember these facts:

the United States had less than 5% of the world's population

U.S. Leads The World In Illegal Drug Use

That the US leads the world in the incarceration race. We have more prisoners, roughly 2.3 million, ... The land of the free jails more people than China or Russia

 We spent over $13.3 billion on pornography in the United States

please women, do not say it's the men
 that are to blame. I never seen one without unwilling female.

The U.S. Is in first place in divorce. (50%
ase women, do not say it's the men
 that are to blame. As to adultery, both men and women are guilty of the act.

U.S. Leads Richest Nations In Gun Deaths

The United States has by far the highest rate of gun deaths -- murders, suicides and accidents -- among the world's 36 richest nations, a government study found
yes women you can blame the men i as being the major problem of this disaster.
However, let not forget that with lead child abuse and neglect today.

U.S. Consumes the Most Oil
19,650,000  barrels/day
Japan is second with 5,290,000 barrels/day

The US alone accounts for over two-fifths (or just under half) of the world’s spending on Military.

US wastes half its food

Since 1961 Over 100 high level Federal Employee found guilty of a variety of crimes  from the House of Representative to the president of the United States

The good news: United States The World's Number One Innovator?

But for some reason we cannot find a substitute for oil to run our vehicles?
Could it be the oil companies blocking find a alternative fuel?
see graph;

United States Still Number One When It Comes To Entrepreneurship

Forgive them father, for they do know what they are doing


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