23 May, 2011

Presidential Candidate for 2012 Show His Winter-Summer-Fall and Spring ,Home

Would you Vote For a Candidate That.Lives in this 100 year old home and drives a 1992 Jeep.
And worse yet! he is retired living on Social Security. Also. he is an unknown man widowed and lives with 2 dogs.

Do you want dogs like this in the white house, and it gets worse! he announced his running march 3,2011 in a video wearing a robe sitting in an easy chair. My God. No suit and expensive red power tie on a blue shirt. he id not even have all his degrees showing in the back ground, and did not have American flag flying and pictures of his perfect family and all his books, so embarrassing. And he is Non-Politician in his thinking. Oh and not asking for funds. Wow can you imagine having a man like that in the White house is so scary. Also nothing to brag about  because most time he did community work helping others helping themselves , Sure Pro bono publicoe, Sure like we believe that wild story. Also has a staff of one person and is trying to make a professional video Like all the big boys and Girls running for President. And can you believe he has a professional voice over person that has done many for corporations and political big wigs emailed him to say she would do his voice over a free. Well it will Give the upper class, big oil companies and all the candidates running for president a good laugh. Thank god that CNN and other large Media did not give him coverage and spend time on the well know former politician's Like all the wonderful Politician's have doe for American since 1980

If you want to see this character go to

God for forbid if you want to see the video of him in his robe admitting he has sinned and made mistakes

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