15 November, 2016

To All The Religious Americans That Say How Great America Is and want to go back to the good old days

God does not get involved in politics. As to the once blessed Country that people claim, Religious people that voted in the most evilest president that have killed millions based on lies invaded foreign countries and interfered with elections in other nations, and I do not mean Iraq or Afganistan. 

As too Saying that Amerca "was once a blessed" nation?
 Would that be after pilgrims enslaved and killed Indians and did not sit down and have turkey with them? 

Or, perhaps you mean after we committed genocide of the Native American Indians from the East to the West, to the North to the South, while raping the Indian women and enslaving their children? 

Or do you mean after we enslaved, chained, beat and killed the black people? 

Perhaps you mean after we incinerated over 300,000 Japenese innocent civilians Women, Children including 124 American's that our Government told us that they were Military installations. And, before the Nuked the Civilians, Our Government had over a Hundred B-2 Bomber drop fire bombs on Tokyo for three days and nights. Children wee in school during the day and in bed at night sleeping. Have you ever been to Japan to see what material they use to build their home? I did in 1959, and they burn extremely fast and make great fuel for fires.

 The ill-informed naive American Voters share the responsibility for the deaths and crippling of our American military in wars based on lies. They share in the killing of millions of innocent civilians as well.
This How America Celebrated Dropping The Atomic Bomb
On Civilian's A famous Movie Star and High Ranking Officers 

Perhaps, You mean our beautiful nation after over 300,000 Vietnamese civilians and over 55,000 of our American Military died in a war based on a war fabricated lies that Vietnam attacked our navy vessel.

 It's called a false flag, and our governments have been creating them for Global Dominance, Money, and Resources. 

Trust me that when God Judges a Nation of white people that claim that American is a country under God? (a Lie) There will be Hell to pay? But American's accept living in lies because they do not want to know the truth, because if they know the truth, it will make them responsible. 
May God forgive the Blind, Deafness to the Truth by those that proclaim your name.

Your Government
Where America is headed

The Future of America
Religious people should stick to reading  the Bible I picked this photo to show  how  much  Religious people know about our government and the real History of America

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