18 November, 2016

Families That Use Nursing Homes For Their Loved Ones Should Talk to Other Residence About Condition Not Just Staff

State Rankings
The Top 10—The highest ranked nursing home states that scored an overall superior grade includeRhode Island (1), New Hampshire (2), Maine (3), Vermont (4), Delaware (5), Florida (6), Hawaii (7), Arizona (8), Utah (9), and North Dakota (10).
The Bottom of the Barrel—The lowest ranked nursing home states that scored an overall failing grade include: Texas (51), Louisiana (50), Oklahoma (49), Michigan (48), Missouri (47), Iowa (46), New York (45), Illinois (44), Georgia (43), Indiana (42), and New Mexico (41).
Biggest Improvement — These states saw the most positive improvement: Nevada (+17), District of Columbia (+16), California(+16), Arkansas (+14) and Arizona (+13).
Biggest Decline – These states saw the largest drop in overall ranking: South Dakota (-19), Alaska (-15), Oregon (-12), Georgia(-11) and West Virginia (-9).

Overall State Grades 


Nursing homes work for profit, and pay the workers the poor wages. I have some experience as to what goes on when nobody is looking ant some Nursing Care Facilities. As I used to work for them as an intern, in assistant living, and developmentally disabled Facilities as well as a Social Worker that had to administer the mini-mental test to the residence and evaluate both the treatment of the residents as well as the facilities.
 However, Americans only see and hear what they want to. I also stayed in an assistant nursing facility while healing from amputations of toes. I was happy to make friends with two World War II veteran named James Kerr, And Howard Brown.
 Mr Kerr's  two sons that live locally near the Nursing home in Roanoke Rapids NC. had power of attorney over Mr Kerr and would not let him go to a Veterans Medical Care Center another state where one of his sons was that had an only half a body And one Arm. Being a troublemaker before I left I helped him get his power of attorney. He had served as one of the German interpreters and a guard watching over Hermann Goering Nuremberg Trials in Germany. In the Video, https://youtu.be/kcRFb2qubJo
The other Veteran I befriended named Sergeant  Howard Brown you will see him enjoying his Birthday party they let me throw for him for his 102 Birthday. AsVeteran's the three of us would share a table for three meal a day and place our hats in the centre of the table.

I also was honoured to get a deactivated bracelet cut off his wrist he wore for years that was filthy. Also,  Mr Browns also lived in the nursing facility until Mrs Brown passed on.  The Nurses and hands-on staff were outstanding. They had overwhelming responsibilities and not ma what they were worth.
However, one has to remember that NC has three of the ten poorest cities in the US Roanoke Rapids, N.C. in Halifax County was number three with a median income of $29,930 and a population of 76,066. The horror stories still occur in some nursing care facilities.

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