10 July, 2016

The Race War Begins - The Bilderberg Group of The Round Table Could NotBe Happier

Marshall Law and the beginning of The New World Order and thinning the population out. (Depopulation) 

The vile slander of the vile tongues and dark hearts will scream across the internet like the sky being filled with millions upon millions of locust devouring everything that is good. this is one I came across:

Modern Survival Blog: Survival & Preparedness For Life
28.2 million visitors so far.

Their lead post is from Drudge:



It is called slanted journalism, The headline could have Read "During a Peaceful Protest by Black Lives Matter a Lone Sniper Killed 5 Dallas Police Officers. This is a true statement according to authorities. 
Notice below they say "coordinated sniper team at a ‘Black Lives Matter’ (Untrue) The first Word of the Headline they want you to see is "BLACK."
and the reporter continues:

"After waking up to the terrible news this morning of 5 Dallas police officers being shot down by a coordinated sniper team at a ‘Black Lives Matter’ rally last night, while searching for the words to write, I choose to get the discussion going in response to the words of Stewart Rhodes, founder and National President of Oath Keepers:"
this site, modernsurvivalblog.com,  Lies and gives misinformation and does not use reliable sources. has hundreds of comments that most have dark minds. it is just more fuel to create a race war, some have called it another civil war? Did they mean Blacks against Whites or The people against the government under Martial Law? 
One of the best way to divide the blacks and white American's are sites like this. When Martial Law is implemented both Black and White Civilians will be shooting each other making it easier for the enforcer of Martial Law. This will please the Shadow Government aka The Bilderberg Group, aka: know as the Round Table and their circle of power that want to usher in the New World Order, and want to implement depopulation.

The site: modernsurvivalblog.com, wants to sell and make lots of money off the people's fears and continue to promote discontentment.

Now  enter: "Nation is shocked over the killings of unarmed blacks" on a Google Searched?
Also, you will not find a statement like below about the hundreds of unarmed Blacks killed:

Biden: Assassinations of Dallas police 'touched the soul of a nation'
Dallas Police Shootings Shock and Horrify Celebrities, Politicians.

As, a Veteran of the U.S. Navy, and as a former Police Office, it saddens me that I have to prefix my blog with: "I do not condone the killing of any Police Officers or unarmed American Citizen. However, With the racist and sick minds and hearts that are that filled with darkness.

I know all my fellow white Americans are not interested in the lives of Black Americans, but if there are a few White Americans that do care and are willing to look at the faces of the victims. Warning! Note that they are dead humans with Black or Brown Skin that had their lives taken away unjustly.


And, on a final note, I went to University, of Detroit in Detroit for my undergraduate Degree, I turned down acceptance at the University of Michigan for my Graduate Degree, in Advanced Standing to go to the Advanced Standing Master program at Wayne State University also in Detroit only a few blocks where I once slept next to a dumpster on Cass Ave., on skid row. I also, Patroled along the 8 Mile corridor that divides Wayne County, Detroit, from other Counties in Michigan. I do not say it as bragging, but to share as a White Person I never had a problem with Blacks, Nor did I shoot or do unprovoked harm to any person's place under arrest. 
Of all my sins, I have never had bad feelings of any nationality or cultures. Maybe that was one of my blessings to be abandon by both parents as a 3-Year-old boy and was raised in a variety of foster homes, that kept running from and was placed in the Boys Republic and the Salvation Army. I was raised as one of the societies rejects and never was taught to hate or dislike others. 

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