06 June, 2015

The American Media are Like both a Hyenas and a Pig Farmer

I found the description of the hyenas  likens to the American Media.They are ruthless on a hunt and do not believe in fairness!

They chase the hapless victim for long distances, biting and tearing at the prey's posterior until it finally succumbs to exhaustion and the inevitable pain of death. It takes about 4 to 6 adults to hunt down a prey the size of a wildebeest, but they gladly share the meal with the rest of the pack without the aggression one encounters at a lion kill.
The prey is for all purposes eaten alive. It takes about 10 minutes for six adult hyenas to entirely devour an impala: teeth, bones and all; nothing remains. This has earned them the name of “cleaners of the savannah
I liken the American People to the Vulture that fights over the scraps that the Hyenas kill.

The Media also reminds me of a Pig farmers that feed their pigs that devour the slop like Americans that devour the media trash  in sheer delight over others mistakes, sorrows, and pains.

 American's can't get enough of that filth. To say that it's the public's right to know is so hypocritical, and is an insult to the greatest reporters, of Years gone past; that had morals, values, and ethics.
The Media's purpose is to make money and keep their sponsor by happy increasing readership.  Also, They follow the agenda. and missions. of those in real power, including our  presidents that are only puppets to be manipulated by the puppet masters. Most, American Media Sleep with the Government, and the powerful members of the Bilderberg Group, the director of actions for "The Round Table" (See photo below) towards A New World Order.
The Council on Foreign Relations Role in the New World Order. ... Nearly every U.S. President since its inception has been a CFR member including George Bush, ... Nancy Soderberg: National Security Council Staff Director. ... engines of the CFR, the United Nations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg group.

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