04 June, 2015

A Government Filled with Liar's that Want Global Dominance at the Cost of the Most Insignificant Lives to Those in Power

Farewell to All That: 

An Oral History of the 

Bush White House

George W. Bush and his inner circle, photographed in the Cabinet Room of the White House in December 2001. From left: Secretary of State Colin Powell, Vice President Dick Cheney, the president, National-Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, White House chief of staff Andrew Card, C.I.A. director George Tenet (seated), and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld., Photograph by Annie Leibovitz.

"Study: Bush, aides made 935 false statements in run-up to war'
By Paul K Pickett, Lesia Pickett July 03, 2014 1,157,192 views Viral

"Study searched database for statements by Bush, aides, in 2001-2003
Bush made 260 false statements about Iraqi weapons, al Qaeda, study says
Study accuses former Secretary of State Colin Powell of 244 false statements
Also on the list: Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, former White  House spokesmen

"In short, the Bush administration led the nation to war on the basis of erroneous information that it methodically propagated and that culminated in military action against Iraq on March 19, 2003," reads an overview of the examination, conducted by the Center for Public Integrity and its affiliated group, the Fund for Independence in Journalism.
According to the study, Bush and seven top officials -- including Vice President Dick Cheney, former Secretary of State Colin Powell and then-National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice -- made 935 false statements about Iraq during those two years.

I'm not a member of the Republican Party.

The Democratic Party.

Or to a . . .

Third Party, Independent Party.  Conservative, Liberal, Progressive, Radical, I do not swing left or right, nor do I have any wings. I'm Politically Incorrect, I have no mental or genetic disposition to causes to have xenophobia; nor do I have a drop of racist blood in me. I share that because no White America would believe that, and it's OK; because there is one all knowing that knows my heart to be true. I write with no bias, however I will express anger at the sins of humans, including my own. I judge not the person, or Person's, For God created blessing of light at birth, and Parents lead the children into the darkness"

The Anti-Obama people do not have a clue as to what is really happening. Like most American's, their minds are closed, they believe they are very knowledgeable. However, all their information comes from TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Internet, Radio, which is owned by members of The Bilderberg Group; that are the Directors of The New World Order. They decide who is going to be the President as they have been doing since including Jimmy Carter. The people think, they are the ones that put a president in office. Hundreds of members of The Round Table , including The Bilderberg Group, The Council on Foreign Affairs, and the Trilateral Commission, that are all part of the Round Table in attached, picture. The Party of the Elephants make great noises at the party of the Donkeys, that makes a lot of Heehaws back at them. All the bitching, and complaints by the people will not change The New World Order, and the Depopulation, unless interventions Buy a Greater Power than Humans intercedes.

Nothing has changed since the Salem Witch Hunt, in that American always seek someone to blame. except for themselves, And the 65% White that have a special place in their hearts for Black Skinned people, then comes Brown, Skinned, etc. I would suggest people read The Bilderberg Group too understand how the real power controls us all. If you do not like to read, it's available on audio also.

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