30 January, 2015

White Americans have an advanced state of acute Xenophobia, and most will likely die with it.

The white skinned people from this America, and Britain, have long been called the Great White Hunter. They also have the genetic predisposition to conquer, control, and kill. White skinned people have thought of black Africans as less than human. So, they captured them, chained like animals, and brought them back to America and Britain. They found, slave trading to very profitable business. They used the Black slaves to do all their farm labor. The more fortunate ones worked usually in the main house. The White man used them for sexual pleasures and if they would often beat them till their skin would be ripped of their bodies. Although the Blacks were legally freed, the White Americans have kept the Afro American in economical and social bondage to present day. And let us not forget how the White people tried to exterminate the Red skinned people. However, we like the Yellow skinned people to build railroads and do our laundry. Today the White skinned people have authorized the Police in America to assassinate the Black skinned people legally.
Do not be surprised when you see the Afro-Americans joining ISIS against the infidels in droves. (that's us the White American) 
All White Skinned people that read this will deny they have this terrible mental condition, However, it's important that they remember that lying, and denying any responsibility is part of the White American's Culture. 

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