01 June, 2014

A Large Memorial for those that died from North Carolina, but not forgotten.

The Primary Reasons for A Large Memorial for those that died from North Carolina, but not forgotten . . .

. . . Is dead

             again, because of politicians self-serving attitude.

In 2012 there was hope for the mural to become a reality when a lunch scheduled with the owner of the Casa Mia's that approved the project for his building, the Director of Economic Development, the President of a Board for Art Council, and me as a creator of the mural.
The Director of Economic Development thought it was a good idea, and said they would also invite the member of the art council to join us for lunch with the owner of the building in October of 2012.

 Heidi Hogan made a decision on her own for the Board of Commissioner's when she picked up the phone and told Cathy that the Board of Commissioners did not want me to present it.  And because of the political backlash that would put the Director of Economic Development between a rock and a hard place.  And I completely understand the Director’s circumstances. 

So after two years, I sought advice and direction from a key executive that knows much more than myself. The person suggested that I’d run it past the Mayor and Board Members of the Town for their consideration and out of respect.  So I went to the Town Clerk’s office on May 29, 2014.  I requested to present the mural project at the June 2, Open Meeting and included the owner of the building that the mural would be painted on that indicated they still would like to have the mural on his building.

  After the Memorial service for a true Christian, I walked to tell the owner of the building the good news; that we were scheduled for a presentation to the Board on May 31, 2014.  We sat down together and I pulled up the mural on my cell phone for us to review.  Then, not to my surprise he told me that he did not want to go against “them.” I needed no explanation' and thank him for his time and told the person I completely understand.  It’s very common for politicians to put personalities before principals. 

I do want to end on a positive note, in that to my understanding the Mayor, and the Board members go to church on Sundays?  May God bless them all?                         

                                      THE PURPOSE
  • To honour those that died in the line of duty in three conflicts that most Americans, including veterans that believed we should not have been involved in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

  • Tens of thousands of Americans blood was spilled on foreign soils all for our  politician's  self- interest
    To, show honour and respect for the Soldiers from North Carolina and their families. To show all of North Carolina and the United States how much we care

  •  To display a unique Mural that not only gives respect to all the North Carolinian's that died for our country but will reflect a positive image for the State of North Carolina.

…American Flag of the Mural? B.

The sponsoring and supporting agencies, individuals, or organisations can decide on any modification that could be made to enhance the mural project for citizens of North Carolina

This is the display that will be placed near the picture of the Honor Guards.
Tourist will be able to pick the Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.   
The Veterans that gave their lives from North Carolina will be in alphabetical order.
On the display above is Sgt. Thomas J. Butler IV. From North Carolina, that gave his life in October 2012.

 Note of Interest: 

  • The majority of truck drivers are veterans of WW II and all the other battlefields with thousands of our veterans blood spilled  on foreign lands. since and until the present day.
  • Route 158 has been the main artery for trucks going North and South.(This is a view of the Mural when driving North on 158.

 As you can see in the picture of the mural, I did include the American Flag and much more. I wanted you to know why I took this project to the people, for the people, and not for the politicians individually.
Remember: "We the People" not (I) the politician. If you like the mural and think it would benefit many people of North Carolina, please sign it and forward it to as many people as you can. A final note: I do not dislike any of the people that have chosen the darker path when the light is brighter and better. All three I anonymously mentioned are very capable people with many talents.

Seeking support for the project i.e.  Halifax County Arts council, Halifax County Economical Development,  or North Carolina Art Council and any private funding that would like to support the Project: “We Honour
our Veteran’s from the Great State of North Carolina that gave their lives for Our Country.”
Please find it in your hearts to support this worthy project that will also help show the nation that the town of Littleton has a big heart. It will let our town be a little brighter and may help bring people to our community to see this original one of a kind Veteran Memorial Mural.
I thank you for your support as I know the families and loved ones that suffered losses in these Military conflicts would be very grateful for your support.

Halifax County Arts Council has done so much for a residence of Halifax County and their communities. I believe if they hear your voices they will be very supportive of making this dream come true in the town of Littleton.


The owner of the building was happy to paint the building for The Town of Littleton, and for the veterans memorial to be painted on the wall through a grant.

The Owner was told how much the local residents enjoyed his food and service and was asked if he would paint his building, (The tallest oldest building in the Town of Littleton, It's so old that Hank Bobbitt worked there as a projectionist when it was a movie house. He would let the kids come into is projection room) and the a week later it was painted as shown in the picture below.It is also great location for the Mural as the Town of Littleton has the annual
"Downtown Turnaround" Every Year, and other major events Like the Great "Barbecue Cook-Off" and other events.   

I ask Mr Khalid if he would like a Mural on the entire South was if I could get it funded. He said yes and only asked if he could have an American Flag. I told him no problem. Being so excited I shared the good news with another merchant that shared with me earlier that they were a Christian? That person said to me: "Well, you know why the want the-the Flag don’t you?" I said I do not care why he wants the American Flag for; I only know I'm happy he does.

 This is what Commissioner Heidi Hogan Wanted and the reason she killed the Veteran Memorial. Compare the two, which one looks the best and would draw the most tourist to come and see.  Napolean that does so many great wall murals in Halifax County. When Commissioner Heidi Hogan was asked why the name of the building in the painting was not identified, Commissioner Heidi told a resident of The Town of Littleton that the Napolean did not want to do it. Just one of the long list of lies that Commissioner Heidi Hogan has told.

The owner of the building was happy to paint the building for The Town of Littleton, and for the veterans memorial to be painted on the wall through a grant.
                                       Historical Marker Transcription
                                                 Person's Ordinary 

In operation by 1770. Revolutionary tavern & stage stop. Named for the family of Thomas Person. Restored by Littleton Woman's Club. One block. E.

Since 1997: 93 names have been added to the memorial that is not shown in the stats below.

 North Carolina         1,180      52       64         313       1,609



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